Hello! Welcome! My name is Ryan and I’ll be featuring “Out of the Box” each week with the aim of highlighting a vinylmation/combo pack and talking about the vinylmation’s history- everything from the inspiration to the Disney history to its release.

Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers
Disney Afternoon Series 1
Artist: Chris Chapman
Released 5/27/11
LE 1000

BACKGROUND: Chip and Dale are infamous characters we have grown to know very well. They are actually my all time favorite characters. Did you know about there short stint as detectives? Well, debuting on March 4, 1989, Chip and Dale became Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers where they were personified beyond the meager squeaks heard in earlier cartoons. Along with Gadget, Monterrey Jack, and Zipper, the gang started a crime fighting detective agency.

The show was created to jump onto the coattails of the highly successful Ducktales. When Tad Stones, producer of Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, pitched the show to Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg, it did no originally include Chip n’ Dale; however, they felt it best to have established characters in the show. As we have seen with vinylmations, series with the backing of familiar characters seems to do much better (i.e. Park series vs. Urban series).


The show was later added to the Disney Afternoon lineup in 1998-1999. A frequent arch nemesis in the series was Fat Cat, whom we recently saw in line up for Villains 4 vinylmation series.

Gadget Go Coaster in Disneyland’s Toontown

There is definitely a degree of nostalgia for the Disney Afternoon series, which is why I believe the first series, composed primarily of principle characters, created a frenzy of early morning line ups and immediate sell outs. In fact, the Rescue Rangers set was my very first early morning D-street adventure. I also wanted to include a picture of one of my favorite rides at Disneyland as a kid- Gadget’s Go Coaster. The Disney Afternoon Series 2 were/still in stores longer compared to the first series. The edition sizes increased in the second series and more obscure characters were introduced.


REVIEW: The Disney Afternoon Series 1 is an awesome series! Overall, I really do like this version of Chip n’ Dale. The Dale is spot on! One can immediately see his playful demeanor and his vibrant Hawaiian shirt. On the other hand, the expression on Chip’s face missed the mark. The beady eyes look almost menacing and does not truly reflect the character. For example, a determined or more serious facial expression would have been more appropriate. I do however, really like Chip’s hat. Considering not many original mold vinylmations came with accessories, the Indiana Jones inspired hat is a fantastic addition.

Thank you for reading! I’ll be posting on a weekly basis on Saturdays. I’ll be posting RAKs occasionally- let’s start now!


What was my first vinylmation (Hint- Thomas Scott)?

The Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers show introduction/theme song has a montage of various clips from the show. Name as many villains as you can!



This time next week, I will be down in WDW on vacation. (Actually, I will be waiting on line for the Vinylmation Tuck & Roll release at D-Street!) In celebration, I would like to share with you some pictures from my first trip ever down to WDW, in January of 1985.


I was approaching the 4 yr. old mark, and my brother was nearing 1. My parents were SAINTS for driving us down there. At that time, only Magic Kingdom and EPCOT were open. From the pictures I can find, they only took us to Magic Kingdom. I am figuring they were not keen on dragging two small children thru a theme park that wasn’t necessarily geared towards them, or the simple fact that we had limited time there, being that we also visited family and friends around Florida on that trip.

ScannedImage-23 ScannedImage-22 ScannedImage-20 ScannedImage-2

ScannedImage-4 ScannedImage-21 ScannedImage-3 ScannedImage-19


The only other time my parents have been to WDW was three years later in 1988, when I was 6 and my brother 3. This is going on 25 years… I have a feeling a goal of mine should be to get them back down there in 2014.

ScannedImage-24 ScannedImage-5


Does everyone remember their first visit? If not, you got photographic representation of the excitement? If you would like to share pictures of a memorable first visit of you or a family member, please email them to me and I will post them in an upcoming column.

See you back here next week, where I will reveal my Vinylmation Trade Project for the trip I will be on then.

Stay classy, San Diego.