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And The D-Tour 2 Chaser Is?

Today saw the release of the new D-Tour series 2 and thanks to Vinylmation Kingdom Reader Adrian, we can now share what the chaser is? My wife and I got lucky and pulled 7/8 from series 2 including the chaser. Just wanted to let you know! What do you think …


Disney Officially Reveal Toy Story 2 Chaser

While we found out about the Mystery Chaser for the Toy Story series 2 last week, Disney have now released an official 360 image of this figure, showing Twitch in all his glory. Mystery Chaser Revealed for Vinylmation™ Toy Story Series 2 September 15 | By: Disney Staff With the …


And The Toy Story 2 Chaser Is?

This coming Friday sees the release of the new Toy Story Series 2 at selected Disney Stores, online and at the theme parks. Thanks to Vinylmation Kingdom reader Darren Bowers for sending me these photos of the chaser. This series was available early in the Disney Store at the Florida …

spidermand tray

And The Marvel 2 – Spider-Man Chaser Is?

Today saw the release of the new Marvel series 2 Vinylmation series released in the US and also over in Disneyland Paris, which was where Vinylmation Kingdom reader Hans Van de Put‎ pulled the chaser from this series. It’s the Kingpin Thanks to Hans Van de Put‎ for sending us …

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What Will the Marvel Series 2 Chaser Be?

With only 12 possible vinylmations, it must have been hard for vinylmation designer Thomas Scott to choose which Spiderman characters he wanted to represent in this Marvel Series 2 set.  So far, we are aware of 11 of the 12 characters.  We obviously don’t know who the chaser will be, …


And The Park 14 Chaser Is…?

Today saw the release of the new Park 14 blind box series and thanks to Vinylmadness member Hayley Marie, we now know what the chaser is for this set. This figure represents the Fortune Teller “Esmeralda” which can be found on Main Street in Disneyland. What do you think of …

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And the Villains 5 Chaser Is….?

Disney are set to release the fifth Villains series at Disney Stores (& online) next Monday but thanks to eBay and Vinylmation Exchange, we now know what the chaser for this series will be. It looks as if a tray of the series was put out early. The chaser features …


And the Sleeping Beauty Chaser Is?

Today saw the release of the Sleeping Beauty blind box series at selected US Disney Stores and online. Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange Member Chris Scanlan, we now know what the chaser is, and its Briar Rose. What do you think of this figure?


And the Duffy Series 1 Chaser Is?

Today saw the release of the Duffy Series 1 blind box and while it took a little longer than usual, we now know what the chaser looks like thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Arturo Garcia Jr, its been revealed that the chaser is: So what do you think of the …


What Could Be The Sleeping Beauty Chaser?

On August 1st, a Sleeping Beauty Vinylmation blind box series will be released and as of yet, we don’t know what the chaser will be, so in this column, I share my thoughts on what could be the Sleeping Beauty chaser. Spinning Wheel/Castle – While all the other figures in …