This past week the Frozen Vinylmation Series was released early in some UK stores ahead of their release on April 6th.

UK Vinylmation Member Zoe Ross shared this image with us of th chaser showing a Summer Olaf figure featuring a hat and hula grass skirt.

What do you think of this chaser?image


This week sees the release of the new Mickey Mouse Shorts blind box series at D-Street in Walt Disney World and Disneyland, plus online at This new 8 piece blind box series was placed by mistake in a store at Walt Disney World and thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Angie Left, we now know what the chaser is for this series and its not a character many had expected.



And the chaser is the Yeti.

Thanks to Angie Left for this image.

What do you think of this chaser?


Today Disneyland Paris has seen the release of the new Cinderella blind box series and thanks to Frederic Colley from Vinylmation Exchange, we now know that the chaser for this set will be Cinderella in a pink outfit.

cinderella chaser5014_cp_FWB_Cinderella_Vinylmation_20012015This series is set to be released in the UK on the 26th of January, while no US release date has yet been announced.

What do you think of this chaser?


101 dalmations

This past Tuesday, the UK had a surprise release with the 101 Dalmatian blind box series going online and thanks to UK Collector Lucy Biofield, we now know what the chaser is and it looks rather good.  This series is set to be released in the US soon, though we don’t have an official date for it yet.

If you don’t want to know… Look away now!!




101 dalmantian chaser

And the chaser is Patch!

What do you think of this chaser?

what v1

Earlier this week, UK vinylmation fans were pleasantly surprised to see the 101 Dalmatians vinylmation set pop up on  This set consists of 8 vinylmations: 7 commons and 1 chaser. With that said, its time for another round of “Who Could Be the Chaser?”


I think that the chaser in this set should be an animal other than a dog.  It would add variety and make the chaser more interesting.  Because of this, my favorite vote for the chaser is Lucy. Lucy is the goose who was on high alert when she heard the “gossip” of the puppies being stolen.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.26.57 AM



I couldn’t chose Lucy as a Chaser candidate without including her onscreen partner, Towser.  Towser is the Bloodhound dog that translates the “gossip” to Lucy.  Although not seen much in this film, if the chaser was to be another dog, I would love it if this Bloodhound was chosen.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.40.19 AM


Sergeant Tibbs

Because why not have the chaser be a cat in a dog vinylmation set?  Sergeant Tibbs was the heroic and obedient  cat that helped save the dalmatians.


Who do you think will be the chaser?


While the new blind box series based on the new animated movie Big Hero 6 is due out in November, Disney Artist Eric Tan has shared an image of the entire series including a sneak peek at the chaser.


At the very end of the line up is the main villain from the movie, Yokai.


What do you think of this chaser?

christmas carol

christmas carolThis week we have seen the release of the new 12 piece blind box series based on Mickey’s Christmas Carol in the United Kingdom and thanks to Kris Myers from the UK Vinylmation Group, we now know what the chaser is for this series, which as guessed by many of our readers, features Jimmy Cricket as a junior and a 3″ Scrooge.

carol chaser

What do you think of this chaser?



While we found out about the Mystery Chaser for the Toy Story series 2 last week, Disney have now released an official 360 image of this figure, showing Twitch in all his glory.

Mystery Chaser Revealed for Vinylmation™ Toy Story Series 2

September 15 | By: Disney Staff

With the release of Vinylmation™ Toy Story Series 2, we are excited to reveal the Mystery Chasers figure today. So please stop reading if you would prefer to keep an element of surprise.

vm_toy_story_series_2_chaser_twitch_orgWhat do you think of this chaser?