vinylmation vault

Getting ready to start off this article I tried to think of my favorite Vinylmation to showcase. There are so many to choose from. Currently there is 2,603 different vinyls on file, isn’t that nuts?

That being said lets take a look at Park 5 Stitch.


Park 5 was a 13 figure set; which included 12 in blind box form and one topper, Sorcerer Mickey. Stitch was designed by Dan Howard and was released on October 22, 2010. Mr. 626 was a common in the set, but quickly became arguably one of the most sought after vinyls to be released and still is today.

Stitch over the years has become one of the biggest characters Disney has ever created, and the popularity of his vinyls grow with each release. Were you lucky enough to grab this little guy for your collection?


Chasing a chaser, or variant can be one of the most thrilling parts of collecting Vinylmation.  There is no better feeling than picking up a lonely blind box in a near empty tray and opening it to reveal the chaser of the set. We all remember that first chaser we opened up, and it is truly one of the coolest moments while collecting.

Disney has done a good job recently coming up with some great chasers in newly released sets. From the Park 13 “Pardon Our Pixie Dust” chaser to Kaa to the brand new Robots 4 chaser of Toy Story’s own lunatic, Sid.

We all have our own strange methods of how to determine which little blox in the case that sits in front us may be that special one. One of the biggest complaints in the search for the mystery vinyl in each set is seeing boxes crushed, opened and nearly destroyed. This has been a big issue in many stores for a long time. Other than keeping vinyls behind the cash register, which some stores have actually done, there isn’t much being done to be able to control the small few who ruin the hobby for others.

A lot of us though shake the boxes, weigh them in our hands, among other things. I would love to hear what your method is for trying to find which one box may hold the vinyl you are looking for? Who was your first chaser or variant? Let us know in the comments below!

trade game

Have you ever come to a point while collecting Vinylmation where you just kind of look at everything you have and say “What am I doing here?”  With so many different vinyls coming out on what seems to be a weekly basis, a lot of us get into that habit of wanting to get everything as it comes out regardless of whether we really want it or not, its the completionist in us that does it.

For myself, my closet is overflowing with vinyls, they are in drawers, on the floor, in tackle boxes, shot glass cases almost any place you could possibly imagine, I have a vinyl there.  I think we all get to that moment in collecting where we either think we have too many, or don’t really have a theme to our collections. I am one of those people.

There seems to be many ways we can get a hold of our collection’s. Properly displaying them around the house is something I have tried as well, don’t be afraid to put them out there in your house they are great conversation pieces. Almost anytime someone has come into our house and see the filled shot glass cases on the walls filled with the coolest Vinylmation has to offer, friends always ask what they are and fall in love with them. They are great art to add to any house on the walls.

You may be feeling though that displaying them isn’t quite the issue, that your room or rooms for that matter are just overtaken by the hobby.  Cutting down a collection can be extremely sad after putting so much effort into building it. Nice ways to get your collection in order can include collecting character from only certain movies, individual characters or any type of them that fits your wants.

Another great way to condense of course is to attempt to trade multiples of vinyls you may not want or need for that one hard to get vinyl that you are dying to have, I tend to find myself doing that a lot. It’s a great way to bump up your collection while decreasing it in size. Collecting vinyls is fun and it always will be and you should never let the size of your collection discourage you from collecting more, but sometimes we may need to get it in order.

I know a lot of people out there have their ideas of how they organize, condense or display their collections. I would love to hear what you have done with yours? Let us know by posting in the comments.