Its Thursday and that means we have five new toy boxes to download on Disney Infinity and this weeks theme is Alice in Wonderland.

  •  Alice’s Quest- This time, the Mad Hatter is late for the tea party, and Alice must bring him there before the tea begins to pour! Created by Zachary H.
  • Alice’s Journey- Fall down a rabbit hole and walk through this recreation of the beloved Disneyland classic dark ride. Created by James F.
  • Maze of Hearts- It’s the Queen of Heart’s unbirthday but nothing’s ready. Find 4 flamingo mallets and paint the roses red or lose your head! Created by Vault of Villains.
  • Mad Identity- The Mad Hatter does not know if he is a hatter, a pirate, or a Native American. Help him sort his personalities. Created by Pirate Steven.
  • AlicesWonderland- Follow Alice’s Wonderland Adventure. Go down the rabbit hole, meet The Mad Hatter, and defeat The Queen’s cards at trial. Created by Vasuri83.

And here is this week’s episode of Toy Box TV:


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alice trade night

Over the past few weeks, we have found out about loads of Trading Night Vinylmations via Hong Kong Scrapper sellers on eBay and another figure has now been discovered.  An Alice in Wonderland variant, with a Limited Edition size of 50.

alice trade night

alice trade night bottom alice trade night back As with any Scrapper, we do not recommend anyone buy from them as they have failed quality control and thrown away for a reason.

This latest figure means we now know of 10 different figures for 2014 including:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Oswald
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Stitch
  • Kermit
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Agent P
  • Mike
  • Dumbo
  • Figment

The first trading event Vinylmation, Oswald goes on sale this Friday at D-Street.

What do you think of the Alice in Wonderland Trading Night Figure?


At the Reflections of Evil trading event, there was a number of special unreleased Vinylmations popped into the trade boxes.   We have already seen the Animation 1 Tarzan but today we have found out that Vinylmation Kingdom Trader Denise Dacanay Floyd pulled a special Vinylmation out of the trade box.  This figure was set to be released as a Alice in Wonderland Ear Hat set but was later scrapped.  Denise caught up with designer Thomas Scott who confirmed the details.

1186042_10151940320529136_427036634_n 538996_10151940320704136_127380438_n 1233558_10151940320609136_1708343844_nWhat do you think of this one?


Disney’s OMD Blog posted a short little story about the Alice in Wonderland Vinylmation series entitled “Mini Movie: Alice in Wonderland”.

Here’s something curiouser and curiouser. They say (unclear on who ‘they’ actually is) a picture’s worth 1,000 words. But what if you put words on top of a picture? Does it poke a hole in the space time continuum? Or does it just make the picture that much wordier? Let’s leave that riddle to the Mad Hatter. In the meantime, take a trip down the rabbit hole and spend your golden afternoon perusing our gallery of vinyl-tastic moments from Alice in Wonderland. We suppose you could just sit and talk to flowers for hours… but we think this is more fun.

Alice Quotes- If I had a world...


Alice Quotes- No time to say hello, goodbye!


Alice Quotes- If you think...


Alice Quotes- If you think...

Alice Quotes- That's logic


Alice Quotes- Whooo are you?


Alice Quotes- Almost everyone...


Alice Quotes- Now Statistics...


Alice Quotes- Imagine...


Alice Quotes- But there are 364...


Alice Quotes- Percisely why we're...


Alice Quotes- A very merry...


Alice Quotes- Off with her head!


Alice Quotes- When I get home...



The Vinylmation Official blog has updated today with some details and official pictures of the new Mad Hatter Twin Pack.

Vinylmation�  Mad T Party Series is Coming to D Street!

Don’t be late for a very important date!  The Vinylmation™  Mad T Party limited edition set is coming to D Street at Downtown Disney® District in California on December 7th!  Disney Artist, Maria Clapsis has created these whimsical designs for this series. The art is inspired by the Mad T Party which lights up the night in Hollywood Land inside Disney California Adventure® park.

So hold on to your hats! This two (2) 3-inch figured set, which includes the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit, is the perfect edition to your Vinylmation� collection.  The set will retail for $26.95, plus tax with a 3,000 edition size.

The art for this series is inspired by the Mad T Party which lights up the night in Hollywood Land inside Disney California Adventure™ park. We invite you to journey down a glowing rabbit hole and enter a wonderland filled with pulsating lights, color and music! Mad T Party is a vibrant nighttime dance party inspired by the manic energy of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

Visit Events Page to learn what other Vinylmation™ series are releasing in December!

Are you planning on picking these up?

AIW King & Queen

The Comic Con weekend continues with the release of the Alice in Wonderland – King and Queen set which features a 3″ Queen and Junior Queen. This one has a Limited Edition Size of 2500 and has a order limit of 2

You can order it here


  • Vinylmation is the original vinyl collectible figure inspired by the Disney Theme Parks
  • Set of one 3” figure plus one Junior figure inspired by Walt Disney’s animated classic Alice in Wonderland
  • Created by Disney artist Thomas Scott
  • Poseable arms and head
  • Vinyl
  • Queen 3” H
  • King 1 1/2” H
  • Imported
  • Limited Edition of 2500

What do you think of this one?