Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Afternoon Series #2 which includes Talespin, Gummi Gears, Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales.


RogPalmerUK – The first Afternoon series was one of the most successful twin pack series ever released and expectations for Series 2 were high, I did buy all 5 sets however I have to admit, I made a mistake in buying some of them.  First off there are two twin packs I do love which are the Chip & Dale Rescue Ranger set with Gadget, Monterey Jack and Zipper, this little pack is fantastic as this cartoon was without doubt my favourite Afternoon cartoon.  I love this cartoon and this pack was a instant “gotta have it”.  Its just a shame Zipper was hidden in the box, so the box had to be opened to get him out!  The Gummi bears set is also a very well designed set featuring two great characters and I also was a huge fan of this show as a kid.

 WDWRobert – Tailspin – This is my favorite of all of the Disney Afternoon Series 2. I love they captured King Louie’s charter & personality from hat to feet. I have always been a fan of the matte finish for some reason. Karnage though not one of my favorite characters in the show still looks goo. Its hard to take a slimmer character and put it on a larger body. Asides from that they got the look and feel of the TV counterpart. Ducktails – For me the Duck characters look great in Vinyl form and Fenton Crackshell does not disappoint!I just love Fenton’s daft smile. For being such a tall and “Wheeled” character, Gizmoduck is a big hit for me! I always love when the designers take the time to accessorize and in this case a what I call a “Helmet Mowhawk”.

Joshua Jackson – When Disney came out with the first afternoon set I was really excited, I watched these cartoons all the time as a kid and actually own a lot of the series on DVD. When I found out there was to be a second set that got me really excited especially with the lineup they had. My first from the set is Don Carnage, tales pin was hands down my favorite cartoon ever, and Carnage was my favorite character form the series. I really love the detail the artists out into him, they framed the face very well, have him the perfect expression, and made him just a really great figure.

Second hit is Rescue Rangers, I love the Monterey Jack figure, and Zipper most. Monterey’s fat face works really well on the vinyl, and zipper was a perfect choice to add, I’m wax paint happy they made him a junior and not a 3″ which has happened to other figures before. My finally hit is easily Negaduck, I love him! Negaduck was and still is, one of my favorite Villains of all time. I love the colors, the expression, the hat, and the artist just did an overall great job on this guy.


RogPalmerUK – I mentioned earlier that I made a mistake in buying some of this series, first up we have the Darkwing Duck twin pack, I just honestly have no memory of these characters and its just lost on me, so while the designs are fine, I have no connection to them.  Duck Tales is a strange set too, when I first got them, I really liked Gizmo Duck but I was always a bigger Rescue Ranger fan than Duck Tales.  And then we have the Talespin set, King Louie is a great figure but I have no memory of Karnage and once I saw the Animation 4 combo topper, I decided to leave it.  There isn’t anything wrong in the Afternoon Series 2, it just doesn’t have that same wow factor that the first series did as almost every figure is based on a secondary characters and I think had this twin packs had smaller LE’s that might have helped as well.

WDWRobert – From the Darkwing Duck set I will only select Bushroot. From the Flat looking Moptop to just about everything else that does not look nor feel right about this one. Adventures of the Gummy Bears – Again I will only single out one of the characters from the set and that would be Cubbi. For the life of me I could not pin the exact reason why this one looks so off balanced from Screen to Vinyl and then it hit me its the hat. The hat looks terrible being painted on. With so many hats to choose from why could they not find or even make one. I guess in this case it is the hat that does the Gummi Bear. Or should I say the lack of a good hat does not make the bear.

Joshua Jackson – The only miss I have for this set is the gummy bears, I loved the cartoon, I’m just not a fan of the way the figures turned out. The colors seem a bit off, and they look rather bland to me.


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afternoon gummi

afternoon gummi

Today sees the release of the last Afternoon 2 twin packs, which is based on the classic Gummi Bears cartoon and features Gruffi and Cubbi.  This twin pack has a Limited Edition size of 1500, designed by Maria Clapsis and has a retail price of $29.95.  This twin pack is available at D-Street in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  As well as being available through Disneystore.com.



Also released today officially in Disneyland and Walt Disney World, as well as in Europe on .co.uk and fr.  It was released last week on Disneystore.com as an early online release.

While the Thanksgiving Promotion is running for the next couple of days, if you use the promo code “Thanks” on Disneystore.com, you should be able to get an additional 20% off these new releases.

Will you be adding any of these to your collection?

The official Vinylmation website has posted some details on the next Afternoon Series #2 twin pack which is based on the Gummi Bears TV show

Vinylmation™ Disney Afternoon Series 2 Gummi Bears

SKU: 400007846241

Retail Price: $29.95

Artist Name: Maria Clapsis

Edition Size: 1500

Disney Parks Release Date: November 29

Disney Parks Online Release Date: November 29

What do you think of these?


Today sees the release of the latest Afternoon Series twin pack featuring Karnage and Louie from TaleSpin.  This twin pack as a Limited Edition size of 1500 and was designed by Maria Clapsis and is priced at $29.95.


Disneystore.com is also offering free shipping on Park Authentic items with the code PARKFREE


Today is a big new release day with the Afternoon Series #2 Darkwing Duck set which has a Limited Edition size of 1500 and a price of $29.95 and is available online through Disneystore.com and at both D-Streets.f23cedb821a611e3ab8622000ab5c723_7

Today also sees the release of the new 2013 Halloween figures, these will be available at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland as well as being available online through Disneystore.com.  They had previously sneaked out early at Walt Disney World but are now officially available.halloween stitch halloween mayorLast weekend saw the Facebook First release of the 2013 Poster Art Oswald and from today it will be available at D-Street in Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

oswald 2013

Also tonight at the Disneyland Resorts Paradise Pier there is an Official Vinylmation Trading Event.

Trading Night at the Disneyland Resort

September 20

Pacific Ballroom at Disney’s Paradise Pier® Hotel

Calling all Traders! Join us for Disney Trading Night, September 20, from 5 – 8 p.m in the Pacific Ballroom at Disney’s Paradise Pier® Hotel. Meet avid and novice traders, make friends and share stories about your collections.

We kindly ask that Guests do not line up until one hour prior to the start of the event. Please park in the Downtown Disney® District parking area or the Mickey and Friends parking structure. Visit.disneypins.com to see the latest pin releases and future Disney Trading events.



Today is another new release Friday and today sees the launch of the second set from the Afternoon #2 series featuring Rescue Rangers Gadget and Monterey Jack with 1 1/2” Zipper and is released online through Disneystore.com and at both D-Streets.


Vinylmation™ Disney Afternoon Set 2 – Rescue Rangers

SKU: 400007625600

Retail Price: $29.95

Artist Name: Maria Clapsis and Monty Maldovan

Figure: 3-inch & 1.5-inch figures

Edition Size: 1,500

Disney Parks Release Date: August 16

Disney Parks Online Release Date: August 16


Will you be picking these up?


The Official Vinylmation blog posted a story today reminding us about this Friday’s next big release, the Afternoon Series #2 – Rescue Rangers set.

Vinylmation™ Disney Afternoon Series 2: Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers

August 12 | By: Disney Theme Park Merchandise

Have no fear-the Rescue Rangers are here! Gadget, Monterey Jack and Zipper are all included in this set releasing this Friday August 16, 2013. Artists, Maria Clapsis and Monty Maldovan designed these limited edition figures to bring back fond memories of Disney Afternoon. We hope that this nostalgic set will bring a smile to your face!

400007625600-1-front400007625600-3-front 400007625600-2-front

Edition Size: 1,500
$29.95, plus tax
Figure Sizes:
3-inch & 1.5-inch
Release Date:
August 16, 2013
Walt Disney World® Resort & Disneyland® Resort

400007625600-2 400007625600-1 400007625600-3


The official Vinylmation blog posted some details on a new release for September, The next Afternoon Series #2 based on Darkwing Duck is out on September 20.

400007622654-1 400007622654-2

SKU: 400007622654

Retail Price: $29.95

Artist Name: Maria Clapsis

Figure: 3-inch

Edition Size: 1,500

Disney Parks Release Date: September 20

Disney Parks Online Release Date: September 20

What do you think of this one.

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and with the release of the first set from Afternoon Series #2, this week we take a look at a classic series, the Afternoon Series #1.



RogPalmerUK – As a kid of the 80’s, this set of twin packs is very close to my childhood with Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers is without question one of my all time favourite shows as a kid, I used to go nuts every time I saw them in the parks and the soft toys my parent’s brought me on my first trip still are sat on my parents cupboard and Rescue Rangers on the NES was one of my favourite games.  This twin pack is probably in my top 3 most wanted and I will one day be able to afford to pick this set up.   Scrooge McDuck and Darkwing Duck are also very high in my most wanted figures of all time with Duck Tales being a fond childhood memory as Duck Tales on the NES was constantly on rotation with Super Mario Bros & WWF Wrestling Challenge.   I do have a few sets from the Afternoon Series that i’ve slowly been able to pick up including Doug, Bonkers and Talespin, but I’ll be honest and say those cartoon’s weren’t my favourite and I got them because I saw them selling cheap on ebay.

 Mark – The Disney Afternoon series is a series I had no idea existed when I first started collecting, and I’m not at all disappointed that I don’t have any of these in my collection. I do recall a few of the shows, which would be on my list of hits. My first is the Darkwing Duck set. I like how Darkwing Duck made it in vinyl form, with his hat accessory & facial expression. My next hit is the Gooftroop set. I like Goofy in his attire, a which is a nice change to the standard outfit that we’re used to seeing him wear. Max and his accessory skateboard is also a nice addition. My third hit is the Ducktales set. With the two recognizable characters, Launchpad McQuack & Scrooge McDuck, I think they’re both done well, especially Launchpad’s with his accentuated chin & pilot outfit. Scrooge’s top hat accessory makes his attire look complete.

@Disneymart – Max!! He looks totally awesome on his skateboard, it is such a fantastic accessory and he would be truly incomplete without it! This whole series was totally refreshing at a time where Vinylmation were going through a transitional period. The artwork is fantastic quality and there is not a single figure which I would not want in my collection, my favourites are Max and Darkwing Duck!

WDWRobert – Most of these shows that are part of this series were from a time in my life where I really was not into Disney animation in general I felt that other shows were much higher quality and were written for all ages. Having said that there are some series I did enjoy a bit if I had a moment or to. The shows Spanned from 18 to 23. Not really the age that I would just watch any old show. The Animaniacs were also on the time at some point (1993-1998) and were a much greater quality of a show to watch. Don’t get me wrong Ducktails and Darkwing Duck were pretty good to watch. Most of the Disney afternoon shows I never took the time to sit and watch. Utilizing the all mighty Youtube I was able to quickly recall the shows that were covered in this Series.

Series 1 Bonkers: (1993-1994)It wouldn’t be fair to criticize these Vinyl’s as I did not like it very much. as they pushed the story along with sometimes not making sense till about halfway through. Then there the forced humor that was to make you laugh. Well at 20 it did not work to well.. The first Character in the series is Bonkers D Bobcat. They actually did a nice job of taking the animated character to Vinyl. Its well done and is a nice homage to the show. Outfit looks great and the face on the Mold of Mickey’s head. Its nice to look at. However as for Fall Apart Rabbit I was not as impressed. Nice headlines up to the point of the headband then it gets all odd. I would of liked to of seen the Police chief done instead of Fall Apart Rabbit though.

Series 2 Darkwing Duck 1991-1992. This was a much better series from storyline to animation itself. Though Darkwing Duck sounded my like a lost relative to Daffy and not the Disney side. But still fun to watch. Darkwings Vinyl looks great. Colors are well done. Of course how could you forget the hat. Nice transition to Vinylmation. The second Character to Vinyl is Gosalyn Mallard. Another job well done. Two for two this series so I would say I like it. Though part of me would of loved to had seen Launchpad instead of Gosalyn. Wait a bit here I think Launchpad makes his way in the lineup soon.

Series 3 Doug. (1991-1994 & 1996 to 2000) Uhm wait a minute, isn’t Doug a Nickelodeon show. Hold on a second (Looks up Wikipedia) Oh thats right Disney acquired the show in 1996. Anyway he it goes. I was a huge Doug fan in the early nineties. I think I could relate to him a bit. The story lines were good. The characters seemed more realistic. For one they were human! The Disney Vinylmation team nailed this Dynamic Duo. Doug with his favorite R&R Group the beats and just look at the ears. They are pages of his Diary that he kept. Thats clever. As for PockChop he looks amazing. I love this set the most.

Series 4 Ducktails (1987-1990) This was also a well done show. It have one of my favorite Characters; Scrooge McDuck. Lets start at the Top with the well appointed Hat on top. Its perfect, just perfect. And he we have Launchpad McQuack. His well designed aviator outfit and somewhat lost in the moment look on his face. Love it!Great Show, Great Vinylmation Series.

Series 5 Gooftroup (1992-1993) Being a big fan of Goofy one would surmise that well you must love this show. The answer is no not really. Goofy looks out of place in the outfit that he has on the show. Unfortunately the vinylmation takes the same look. It looks awkward! Max Goof fine. Good outfit and like the addition of the skate board.

Series 6 Rescue Rangers (1989-1992) The TV show was okay. I only watched it a few times. But asides from that you have Dale is a great Hawaiian shirt and a silly smirk but still its him. I don’t care much for the Chip either. He looks a bit demented to me. Nice hat, but man the face. Nice jacket, but the look of his face. Its just odd.

Series 7 Tailspin (1990-1991) Another well done series. They picked two great characters to be on the vinylmation Baloo has the best look on his face. Then add the aviator hat on and then you have classic Baloo. Kit made for a decent Vinyl. He looks good.


RogPalmerUK –  This series will be remembered by many collectors around during this period as being a very annoying and frustrating stage with instant sell outs for many of the twin packs, but that problem still exists to this day for the very popular figures like a TOT Bellhop, Pixar Up, Ghost Bride, etc.  However I think this series isn’t perfect simply because some characters aren’t as well known to me, Doug, Bonkers and Goof Troop.  By the time Goof Troop came around, I was interested in other brands as I was just heading to High School and I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a episiode of Bonkers.  So my reasons for these Misses isn’t anything to do with the actual design of the figures, its just they don’t mean as much to me.

 Mark -I think that when the Disney Afternoon cartoons were airing, I was just at an age where I no longer watched cartoons, so my misses are sets that I didn’t watch and cannot relate to. So, these vinylmation figures would have no place in my collection. My first miss is Talespin. While I do recognize Baloo, seeing them dressed the way they are doesn’t make me want to have them. I do think they are designed well though. My next miss is Doug. I just don’t like the way he & Porkchop are fit on the Mickey mold, though the colors are spot on. My final miss is the Bonkers set. Though I do like the way Bonkers looks and how the ears were used to illustrate their ears, unfortunately this set is one that I desire the least to have in my collection.

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On Friday, Vinylmation Kingdom reporter Kiyoshi Kuramoto headed to D-Street for the release of the first Afternoon Series #2 twin pack, featuring Duck Tales.  She sent along a few photos from the D-Street including a detailed photograph of the back of the Afternoon box. 1079339_588474498136_1121542045_n 1075182_588474478176_174858249_n1060919_588474597936_813021514_n

Kiyoshi also sent along a picture of the stock currently available at the Hollywood Tower of Terror store.