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Could Regular Surprise Releases Work?

In the past couple of weeks we have seen a number of surprise releases at both D-Streets, in the form of the Trading Night 2014 Eachez (Agent P, Alice and Scrooge).  All of which sold out extremely quickly, with Disney just announcing their release the day before, with a low …

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Is Disney Overcooking Eachez?

In the past year we have seen a new explosion within the Vinylmation community, the popularity of the Eachez line has been incredible, super fast sell outs, high priced variants and lots of excitement have seen Eachez become a hot property.  And judging from the previews at the Imagination Gala, …

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Imagination-less Gala?

Now that the dust has settled on the Imagination Gala, I’ve had time to digest everything we saw previewed at the event. I was so busy over that weekend putting up stories and reporting on the news coming out of the event, some times it takes a little longer for …


Across the Pond – Mail Days

One of the most enjoyable things about collecting Vinylmation when you don’t live near a park or Disney Store, are mail days. When the postman walks up with a nice box or package with your latest purchase, nothing really feels better than ripping open the box to uncover the contents. …


Vinylmation Juniors! – Is Less More?

On July 11th, Disney are releasing a new Junior series based on the Finding Nemo movie and what is so interesting about this series (other than the cute little Squirt figure) was that Disney have finally reduced the size of the series, going from 18 figures down to 12, resulting …