As you all probably already know, Vinylmation collectors and traders Graham and Claire were featured on episode three of the Hoarder Next Door on Channel 4.  We have spoke to them before and were featured in our Collectors Spotlight before finding out they were going to be on the show! With the episode since been shown on Channel 4, we wanted to bring you our very own review of the episode!

This review is purely only on Claire & Graham’s story only, in the episode.

The program kicks off with a quick preview of the stories in the episode, showing many previews Claire & Graham’s massive collection and even showing some of the 25th Anniversary Vinylmations! (Which I, myself, got excited about!) About fifteen minutes in, after the break, their story starts.

Capture 2It starts, explaining the definition of a collector compared to hoarder. Then it fades to a Graham and Claire’s house in Essex. Claire shows off the whole of her collection, as well a saying that Vinylmations are her current fad! Every inch of there home is covered with some form of Disney item or memorabilia, which is unbelievable on a massive extent. (Even their bed covers were Disney themed!) Graham explains how he wants his own space and that he wants it to be partly cut down for room.

The experts later come into the episode with help. The experts firstly analysed the house with amazed, gob smacked faces due to the extent of their collection and how its taken over the house. The experts help Claire to sort her Disney collection out in the study and spare room. They sort it into three piles, stuff to keep, stuff to sale and stuff to give to charity. They one of the areas they focused on was the large scale of plush toys, including a massive Stitch and Sulley. While sorting it out, Claire even questions why she even brought some of the Disney memorabilia she has. Claire in the end fills twenty bags and boxes!

Capture 4The study is later emptied for Graham to take over and Claire can’t help herself to try and help. She attempts to place some items on the shelf but instead knocks over Marvel Lego. This brought a comedy element to the program, even though its wasn’t deliberate, which made my whole family laugh! The collection in the spare room was also organised and brought order to the room.

Me and my whole family thoroughly enjoyed the story featuring Graham and Claire. A comedy element as well as serious element all played part in the story which brought the enjoyment to it. We all loved to point out all the Disney characters we could see in the episode as well as pointing out the many different Vinylmation series’ they had on display. The episode I would recommend for anyone at any age, with a big heart for Disney to watch it. Its an amazing, inspirational episode which all can enjoy!


Note – This Episode will be available for a limited time for United Kingdom residents through Channel 4 Video On Demand

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The new series Of “The Hoarder Next Door” on Channel four in the UK, is currently having the second episode being shown tomorrow! (13th March) This series features Vinylmation Kingdom Trader’s Graham & Claire in a future episode. Their episode was initially going to be shown on the  3rd April at 8pm but this date has now changed!

Hoarder Preview 2

Today, Graham mentioned that their episode is going  to be shown on the 20th March at 8PM on the Vinylmation Kingdom Trading Facebook page! So now everyone will only now have to wait a week!

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