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As we kick off 2015, its a great time to look forward to what is coming out in 2015 and there are some amazing new series and figures that you might want to add to your collection.

Back at the Imagination Gala, Disney showed off many new Vinylmations and while we were given some rough guidelines for release dates but these are liable to change.

There are some great blind box series coming out including Cinderella, Peter Pan, Mickey Shorts, Park 15 & 16.  Another interesting series will be the debut of the Designer Series, which features Miss Mindy as the first featured artist.

Here is a look at some of these blind box new releases:

designer series 110672248_10202878500699773_6672661594859689125_n 10687110_10202878500739774_2268496596654331328_n 1526995_10202878501259787_7005820332627341773_n

13626_10202878503739849_7500195383896297202_nThere are lots of Eachez and Twin Packs also set to be released in 2015 including New Park Starz Variants, some more Villainous Duos, Gravity Falls Twin Pack, Animation 5 Lilo & Scrump, Holiday Eachez, Pirates Of The Caribbean – Mickey & Friends, plus some D23 Expo exclusives.


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antman harry

It’s the last Friday of 2014 and we have an exciting new Marvel Vinylmation release in the form of the Ant-Man Eachez release.  This figure is set to be released at D-Street in Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  This figure has an limited edition size of 2500 , with the normal figure representing Henry Pym with the variant featuring a Scott Lang version.  This figure was designed by Thomas Scott and is priced at $16.95.

antman variant antman harry

Also set to be released today are the 2015 Eachez, they were delayed a week but now these limited release figures will be available at their respected D-Street.  The Goofy as Buzz Lightyear is released at Disneyland while Donald is released in Walt Disney World.  These have also been released online through  Both figures consist of a Mickey Mouse Variant with a 1 in 10 chance of getting it, with both Mickey variants having either a Disneyland or Walt Disney World logo on the back.

2015 goofy disneyland 2015

2015 back 2015 donald mickey 2015 donald

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jetsam flotsam

Its Friday and that means its time for some new Vinylmation releases and today we have 4 new releases including two twin packs and two Eachez.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.01.38 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.01.32 PM

First up we have the 2015 Eachez, these are limited release figures and priced at $14.95. There is one figure being released at Disneyland which features Goofy dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and another figure, Donald Duck is to be released in Walt Disney World. Both figures have the same variant figure, which is Mickey Mouse with a 1 in 10 chance of getting him. It looks as if this figure hasn’t been released online this week, but that could change.

Update – Looks like the 2015 Eachez have been delayed at both Disneyland, Walt Disney World and

Though the Pain and Panic twin pack was released online by mistake last month, this now it is available online and at both D-Street’s in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. This twin pack is priced at $29.95, has a limited edition size of 1500 and was designed by Maria Clapsis.
pain and panicAlso available online and at both D-Street’s is the new Villainous Duos pack with Jetsam and Flotsam from the Little Mermaid, this twin pack is also $29.95 and has a limited edition size of 1500.

jetsam flotsam

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calendar 2015 front

Today has seen the new 2015 Vinylmation Calendar officially released at, this new calendar features Mickey dressed up in different outfits in a Vinylmation shaped calendar. Some of these designs already being released as Vinylmation such as the Jedi Mickey which is the month of May and many of these designs will be released in 2015 as Eachez, such as the St Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s figures, which we saw at the Imagination Gala event last month.  Each of those Eachez we saw will have a Minnie Mouse variant, however not all the designs in this calendar will be released as a figure.   Those figures will be LE2500.

These calendars had already been available in Walt Disney World and at Disneyland, but now they are available to everyone, via  The calendar is priced at $21.95.

calendar 2015 front calendar 2015 janHere is the official description for this calendar:

Set a date with Vinylmation Mickey and his spiral bound 2015 Poster Calendar featuring 12 different art poses depicting Mickey Mouse Vinylmation figures. Cut out shape makes it extra fun for collectors

Here is a look at some of those designs from the Imagination Gala:

10599287_10202878478179210_2777821432087326230_n 10553531_10202878478259212_7472419442048680275_n 10628465_10202878481259287_1996264419900978674_n 10300425_10202878480779275_3999407451123766761_n

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At the Imagination Gala event, it was announced that there would be a Vinylmation calendar featuring Mickey Mouse, released and a few selected figures will also be turned into Eachez, including a Valentines and St Patrick’s Day Mickey. Both eachez have a Limited Edition size of 2500 and feature a Minnie Mouse variant edition and each blind box will be priced at $16.95. The Valentines Eachez will be released in January 2015 and the St Patrick’s Day figure will follow in March.
10599287_10202878478179210_2777821432087326230_n 10553531_10202878478259212_7472419442048680275_n 10628465_10202878481259287_1996264419900978674_n 10300425_10202878480779275_3999407451123766761_n
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The second main day of the Imagination Gala in Walt Disney World and some more previews are now coming out including this Mickey as been added today of a new Mickey Mouse figure which is the variant of the Donald Duck version for Walt Disney World Dated 2015 Eachez which will be released in December and is priced at $14.95.  LE2500

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