Welcome to a special New Year edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look back at our some of our Hits and Misses from everything released in 2013.


RogPalmerUK – Where to begin, 2013 has been a very interesting year for Vinylmation, the chase has been brought back as we have seen some big changes to Vinylmation.  For me there are a few stand out sets that I had to buy, so I’m going to start off with Park Starz 2, this series was the most exciting set, I love how they have captured some of the best bits of the theme parks and stepped away from the standard mold, with figures like Gus, Rex, the Bellhop and the Dinosaur all standing out as firm favourites.    Other great blind box series include the awesome Star Wars: Return of the Jedi set and the even more awesome, Marvel #1 blind box series which has the amazing Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man.  These sets both really appealed to my love of Disney’s latest acquisitions.

Other Vinyls that have stood out this year include the Lilo & Stitch Hawaii twin pack and the whole Imagineers series from D23.  While in terms of some of my favourite single figures of 2013 include the Disneyland Paris Balloon, the Park 13 Pardon Our Pixie Dust chaser, the Black & White Mickey from D23, Sheriff Mickey from Wild West, the 2013 Poster Art August figure, Park 12 Red Monorail, Beauty & The Beast Lumiere, and loads more.

WDWRobert – 2013 was in my opinion a good year for Vinylmations unlike last year where it was harder to find a good series or even a really good individual vinyl. Maybe I am being too cruel to 2012 released vinyls? Perhaps, but 2013 was a really good year for Vinylmations! Hits: There were several outstanding series that I enjoyed collecting. The first would be the 2013 Poster Art series. This series will go down as one of my all time favorite series ever. I loved collecting a new vinyl every month to complete a series. With each Vinyl pairing with a months “Theme” it allowed for a very unique and creative series. My favorites in the series are “August” for its beautiful theming, “December” for its Retro look and “March” Donald for always making me smile.

Another favorite series would be the Imagineering set. Like the Poster Art Series, the Imagineering series shares a common element of Imagineering but each vinyl is rather unique unto itself. My top three are “Landscaping” for its colorful use of horticultural effects, “Graphic Design” for its creative look of displaying two separate looks on one Vinyl and “Master Planning” for triggering one of my favorite Disney memory of watching Walt explaining his new project in Florida. A few other series that I liked were Mickey Through the Years, as I love all things classic Mickey. The Mystery Bakery series for allowing me to collect an affordable Hitch Hiking Ghosts and Figment set. Finally the Country Bear Jamboree set stands nearly at the top of my favorites series. I love having my own “Buff”, “Max” and “Melvin”. These are truly well done!

As for specific Vinylmations for 2013 those would be the 2013 Food and Wine Festival “Gusteau” and “Gusteau Ghost” though I think the Ghost was in color. Right? The Silly Symphony Chaser “Skeleton Dance” as it brings back memories of the 2011 Magic Memories and you show that was at the Magic Kingdom both at DL & WDW. Some surprise hits came from series I normally don’t like or collect. The Urban Redux series 2 had two great and distinctive vinyls. They were the “Transistor” and the “Radio” variant. What a cool throwback look! Park Starz Series 2 has a few I really admire. The Tower of Terror Bellhop is awesome! Great use of colors and body design! The “Orange Bird” design is so simple but stylish. I was so glad it became a Park Starz vinyl! The last of my Park Starz series 2 favorites would be “Rex” from Star-Tours! Even his awesomeness awesome!

BigThunder87 – There have been so many excellent Vinylmations in 2013 and some of my favorite series include Beauty & The Beast, Little Mermaid & loads of figures from Animation 3 & 4 plus Boo from Pixar 2.


RogPalmerUK – 2013 has seen a few series that have really stood out as being appalling in 2013 with many non-Disney sets like High School, Behind the Masks, Medieval probably should all get mentions here, that’s a little bit too easy.   I could easily add sets like Cutesters En Vogue, Urban Redux 2, Silly Symphonies, Nightmare Before Christmas 2 and many more as sets that I’ve skipped this year.  And even throw many of the figures from the Little Mermaid, Wild West, Beauty & The Beast and Monsters University into the misses pile of 2013.  There have been so many series in 2013 that I’ve “missed”, I simply don’t have the desire to own every single figure out any more and I’m a bit more picky, most of those sets I mentioned have a couple of extremely well designed figures but there is a lot of filler rubbish going into these sets that I just don’t think were worth bothering with. I had hoped for more stronger sets with the smaller case sizes, but that’s not been making too much difference so far either.

WDWRobert –  Behind the Mask Series 1 tops my list of miss of the year! I guess they were looking for shock value. The mask looked halfway decent and then took off the mask off to reveal a hideous nightmare. You would think even after they got recalled their value would have risen up in the value ranks but even then they were just terrible. None of them need to single them out, as they were all just awful! But I would like to point out one that made me cringe the most.  The winner/looser is the “Surgeon” with its mask removed made me beg to be knocked out and quickly!

Next series to make the “Miss” parade would be the High School series. I actually collected this set as a BOGO deal. I actually loved this set initially. Though regret came quickly as I placed it next to my other collections. Then the horrid were obvious. With “Lunch Lady”, “Gym Instructor” and “Snooki” all generating dreadful flashbacks to my high school days I hastily packed up and sold this set.

The Oz Great and Powerful Series was a miss for several reasons. One the Movie was not all that great but then put a $24.95 for a 3” and a 1 ½” set just made an tolerable set into an abysmal one. As for specific Vinylmations that missed the mark for were spread across several series. The Urban Redux series 1 had the “Cowboy”. Everything about this guy is off. He looks like a sickly looking Smurf in a tight fitting cowboy Halloween outfit! Then there is the “Yellow Monster” from the same series. For fear of having any nightmares tonight I’ll leave this spur lemon looking monster alone.

Pixar series 2 had “Mrs Incredible” I think is in my all time five most disliked Vinylmations. Too much is wrong with this one. What makes is such a miss is actually only the arms. But the arms alone make this one a bust! Finally finishing the 2013 misses of the year is the Popcorn Series 2 Ursula. I don’t know where to start as everything is wrong. I know the Popcorn series are suppose to have a somewhat different look to them but even taking that into consideration I can’t get passed the fact that she looks like Hersey kiss riding a Rascal Scooter!

BigThunder87 – There have been loads of really bad series in 2013 like all those horrid High School, Behind the Mask and Medieval sets.  I also thought Urban Redux 2 was a odd collection of bad figures.

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Hello! Welcome! My name is Ryan and I’ll be featuring “Out of the Box” each week with the aim of highlighting a vinylmation/combo pack and talking about the vinylmation’s history- everything from the inspiration to the Disney history to its release.

Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers
Disney Afternoon Series 1
Artist: Chris Chapman
Released 5/27/11
LE 1000

BACKGROUND: Chip and Dale are infamous characters we have grown to know very well. They are actually my all time favorite characters. Did you know about there short stint as detectives? Well, debuting on March 4, 1989, Chip and Dale became Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers where they were personified beyond the meager squeaks heard in earlier cartoons. Along with Gadget, Monterrey Jack, and Zipper, the gang started a crime fighting detective agency.

The show was created to jump onto the coattails of the highly successful Ducktales. When Tad Stones, producer of Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, pitched the show to Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg, it did no originally include Chip n’ Dale; however, they felt it best to have established characters in the show. As we have seen with vinylmations, series with the backing of familiar characters seems to do much better (i.e. Park series vs. Urban series).


The show was later added to the Disney Afternoon lineup in 1998-1999. A frequent arch nemesis in the series was Fat Cat, whom we recently saw in line up for Villains 4 vinylmation series.

Gadget Go Coaster in Disneyland’s Toontown

There is definitely a degree of nostalgia for the Disney Afternoon series, which is why I believe the first series, composed primarily of principle characters, created a frenzy of early morning line ups and immediate sell outs. In fact, the Rescue Rangers set was my very first early morning D-street adventure. I also wanted to include a picture of one of my favorite rides at Disneyland as a kid- Gadget’s Go Coaster. The Disney Afternoon Series 2 were/still in stores longer compared to the first series. The edition sizes increased in the second series and more obscure characters were introduced.


REVIEW: The Disney Afternoon Series 1 is an awesome series! Overall, I really do like this version of Chip n’ Dale. The Dale is spot on! One can immediately see his playful demeanor and his vibrant Hawaiian shirt. On the other hand, the expression on Chip’s face missed the mark. The beady eyes look almost menacing and does not truly reflect the character. For example, a determined or more serious facial expression would have been more appropriate. I do however, really like Chip’s hat. Considering not many original mold vinylmations came with accessories, the Indiana Jones inspired hat is a fantastic addition.

Thank you for reading! I’ll be posting on a weekly basis on Saturdays. I’ll be posting RAKs occasionally- let’s start now!


What was my first vinylmation (Hint- Thomas Scott)?

The Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers show introduction/theme song has a montage of various clips from the show. Name as many villains as you can!


2013 in my eyes will be remembered as the year that Vinylmation evolved, in the past 12 months, Vinylmation has gone through so many changes, some good and some bad.

There have been some big changes including a change of guard at the top of the Vinylmation division which has seen many of the changes slowly trickle through the hobby throughout the year.

Some of these changes must have been in development for long before this year, many of the biggest problems that Vinylmation had such as over production of figures, too many designs, too many reduced items, etc.  Slowly throughout the year, that has changed.


Looking at the release calendar for the past few months shows how things have changed, we have seen the reduction of 9″‘s being reduced to the point where we have only had 1 released in the last 6 months (Ursula).  We have see very few open edition figures, other than a few selected holiday figures and the Mystery Bakery series (which isn’t truly a open window as there is still an element of blind boxing).

Not only are Disney producing less overall product lines, they also seem to be reducing the amount of items they are producing.  Many series in 2013 sold out without needing to be reduced,  Park Starz 1, Beauty and the Beast and Monsters University all sold out this year, with many other sets like Marvel #1, Park Starz 2 and more, coming close to selling out.  This fixes the problems of the outlets/discounts damaging the Vinylmation brand.  There will always be the odd release that maybe wasn’t as successful as Disney imagined, that’s normal.

With Disney cutting back the case size on most blind box series, this is also having a big impact on how people buy and trade, as with less figures per series with a greater chance at getting variants and the chaser, it’ll be interesting in the long term how this change will effect collectors.  The main aim from Disney’s point of view is to get more different series released but reducing the amount of figures available.

high school trayNot only are Disney releasing less items, they have also cut the Limited Edition sizes on many single figures and twin packs.  For a while in 2012, we saw plenty of LE2000 items but in 2013, we saw many LE numbers reduce to 1500 and 1000.   Which has slowly reduced the amount of these kind of items being reduced.

Then we have the new “Eachez” brand, this new way of packaging Vinyls with the chance of a Variant has been extremely successful for all the figures that got released this way in 2013.  Every one sold out and I seriously doubt with some of them being LE2500, they would have sold out as quickly without the variant factor.   Then we have the Park 13 Tower of Terror Eachez set which changes things all together, here we have a large item with a chance of variants.  This is certainly something we will probably see much more in the future as I can’t see it not being a success.

2014An advantage of the faster sell outs and lower LE numbers is generally items will probably hold their value much easier, I think the idea that figures will go up in value isn’t that easy to predict, that’s all down to each individual figure and its popularity.  But most collectors will be happier knowing that their collection hasn’t all ended up at the outlets or BOGOF at some point.

Even Disneystore.com has changed, the site is closing up the year with around 40 items available, with a quarter of them consisting of Popcorn single figures, if you take out the last few discounted items, holiday items and trays, there isn’t much left.  The selection is much stronger and also is a good representation of what’s at physical stores and at the theme parks.  There is no doubt that the days of 150+ lines on .com with loads of big discounts are long gone.

I have my fingers crossed that heading into 2014, the Disney Store have put the “non-Disney” blind box series firmly behind them, now they effectively gave almost every one of them away.  I’m hoping with these out of the way, sets like Urban Redux might have a stronger chance of getting people’s attention as these got lost in the crowd with so many non-Disney figures in 2013.

There are some downsides to all these changes, first off, Vinylmation collecting is becoming increasingly more expensive, if you got into the habit of waiting for reductions or BOGOF deals at your local Disney store or heading to the outlets, to get all your Vinylmations are a reduced price.  That is becoming harder to do as more items sell out, meaning unless you are willing to pay full price when it comes out, you might have missed the boat.

Also if your not local to D-Street, getting hold of new Limited Edition items is becoming increasingly harder as not only are their generally less of most items than in previous years but the added hunt for variants is meaning getting blind boxes of these items is now almost impossible.  Going via DisneyStore.com isn’t much easier as international shipping is so expensive and high demand items can go in minutes.

While smaller case sizes mean more and more people are turning to buying full cases to get the whole set in one swoop, which can cause the general price of those commons to sit at just below retail.  Generally just after release, lots of collectors are trying to sell off their spare figures, resulting in the prices staying a bit lower due to increased competition.  However with sets selling out quicker, in the long run, those prices will probably slowly creep back up as newer collectors come into the hobby.

Vinylmation collectors are generally not in the same place to where they were years ago, the old “Gotta have them all” mentality is long gone and most of us have all become much more selective in what we buy.  Most collectors also got used to waiting for the majority of new releases, because buying things on day one became almost unnecessary, but heading into 2014, that is already becoming less and less reliable.

There are swings and roundabouts with collecting, for years collectors complained about Disney swamping the stores with too many releases and how their over production was driving down prices, but here going into 2014, Disney have addressed many of these issues and steered Vinylmation back into a more “collector” friendly place.


How do you feel about all the changes in 2013?


youtube across the pond


Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the entire 2013 Poster Art series, from January up to December plus the Oswald Release.


RogPalmerUK – While the 2013 Poster Art series has been a very hit and miss set, I think overall it was pretty well done, however maybe had they put a quarter of these online for people to get away from the parks, as LE2013 is pretty high for an open window figure.  For me the idea of a monthly figure is great, it should be tied in with the holiday’s like Easter, Christmas etc, so I’m surprised the idea hasn’t been tweaked for 2014, had they decided to add a blind box variant to each month, I think this could have been a top series going forward.  But sadly it looks like that isn’t happening, which is a shame as I felt this series had lots of potential, a monthly single figure release works on lots of different levels, if you like all of them, it spreads out the cost and allows you something to look forward to and if you only want to cherry pick, it allows that also.

Throughout the entire run of this series, I have brought just 4 figures, March’s Donald Duck, August, September’s Haunted Mansion, October’s Jack and the Oswald figure.   So for me they were all hits, I think August’s figure is without doubt the best in the whole series, featuring iconic symbols of the parks and generally just being awesome!   Oswald is another great figure that I wanted simply because I didn’t have the classics one and this was sat there on the shelf at D-Street.

Jacquelyn Harth – This isn’t my favorite series, but it has grown on me as the remaining vinyls have been released.  My first hit would have to be the Jack Skellington October figure.  I really like the use of grayscale and the theming of the Nightmare before Christmas with Halloween.  I’m also a fan of November.  Not only do I like the color and design of the vinylmation, but I like the subtle nod to the Day of the Dead.  March and July are also nicely done.

WDWRobert – Collecting the 2013 Vinylmation Poster Series was a wonderful experience. Each month there was a new vinylmation that embodied the sensation of that particular month. As each month started my collection grew by one. I don’t recall any other series that grew each and every month. It was nice that was as you were able to appreciate each vinyl on an individual basis. Yes some months were better than others and each one is on display and not hiding in a storage container due to its undesirable appearance.

January-With a clean looks and well-coordinated color palate in a muted tone was a nice way to start the series. Though not a top favorite I still love its simplicity. As with other vinyl’s some of the best art is in the back and on the back of this one there is a really cool “Classic Mickey” smiling face!

February – Minnie Mouse looks cute in her Red “Bakers Dozen” Apron. Take a moment to count the cupcakes on the sorcerers’ hat. Now that’s attention to detail!

March – This is one of my favorites in this series. I always love when they portrait Donald in his happy character! I love how he is dressed in Green & Gold for Saint Patty’s Day. This vinyl just makes me smile!

April – I’m not sure what April is suppose to embrace but I will say it reminds me of Small World and that in itself makes it a hit for me.

August – After July I almost stopped collecting these and I have been kind of let down with June, July and maybe May if I wanted to be super critical. But August’s Poster Vinyl was amazing!! There is so much to see and enjoy on the vinyl. There’s Spaceship Earth from Epcot, Mickeys Fun Wheel from Disney California Adventure, Monorails, A Steam engine with lucky 13 on the nameplate, Balloons, and depending if you buy it or not but on the ears are they hidden Mickeys? I love this Vinyl!!

September – A definite top contender for best vinyl in the series September is just marvelous! The purple adds a nice contrast to the black fence like design. And to top is off the ears are decorated with iron fence style bats!

October – Who else can define Halloween like “Mr. Unlucky” Jack Skellington himself? With bats on the hat for effect, and unlucky items such as an upside down horseshoe, snake eyes on the dice how can this get any un luckier!

November- With “The Year of the Villains” on the front and “El Año De Los Villanos” on the back makes this months poster vinyl post about all things Villains! From the vibrant colors and “Day of the Dead” feel this vinyl is a must to collect!

December – Hands down this is my #1 favorite. Its an instant classic! There’s a dapper styled Mickey in black & white in the front. Then you have Pluto and Goofy in color on the sides and a happy looking Donald in the back. Lastly how can you not love the classic Mickey Ears hat on the back of the head of the Vinyl Mickey’s head! Well done!!!

Oswald – He was part of the poster series but was not a specific month but nonetheless a wonderful addition to my collection and to the poster series. And with Classic Oswald going for close to $100 in recent auctions here was a budget friendly Oswald to the rescue.

Joshua Jackson –  Wow! That was my expression when I first saw the poster art series back at Mickeys Circus, I loved the direction Disney decided to go with this series with one figure every month over the course of a year, awesome idea! My first hit for this set is February, the Minnie Mouse figure was an excellent choice! I really like how they put her in her own little bakery outfit, it’s a really good design and I have no complaints on it. Second hit is easily March, I love how they chose Donald Duck for this month, he has a great facial expression, and the colors are really awesome! My final hit is easily June I love the Metallic blue Mickey Mouse, the colors are awesome, and this is just a very well done figure.


RogPalmerUK – Since I only brought a quarter of this series, there are plenty of misses for me, mostly because they just didn’t catch my attention and with the amount of vinyls now, if I don’t like it, I don’t buy it!  Some of the figures like Minnie and Mickey have been so overdone now and some figures just had no connection with me at all.  However I am sad that this set isn’t returning for 2014, I think the idea with a few tweaks could be very successful.

Jacquelyn Harth -The February Minnie is just a huge miss for me.  This figure just doesn’t seem to fit the theme of the rest of the series and is really missing the charm of being a poster adaptation.   Also, I find both April and May to be extremely boring.   Neither really offers anything special.  And while I really want to like it, Oswald is another miss for me.  I was really excited to see an affordable Oswald option, but with the yellow hat covering his ears, he just looks too much like a black and white Mickey Mouse.

WDWRobert – May – This Poster Vinyl is covered in all things that are or can be considered lucky. Some of the items that are portrayed are, a Pot of gold, a genie’s lamp, the Chinese symbol for luck and so on.

June – This one I would consider it to be a miss. This one completely lacks creativity. Its just Mickey Mouse and he is in blue.

July – This one always confuses me with January. I love the colors and the castle on the back but asides from that is another Mickey Mouse vinyl.

Joshua Jackson – First miss is hands down April. I don’t like anything about this figure, the colors are bland, not sure what’s up with the circle, and it just looks awful to me. Second is November, I understand what the artist was trying to go for in this set but it turned out awful. There’s to many colors, shapes, and letters thrown together and it just looks really messy to me.


If you would like to take part in a edition of Hits and Misses, feel free to contact me via Twitter (@RogPalmerUK), email (Roger@Vinylmationkingdom.com) or by Facebook.


The Official Vinylmation events page with a 360 photograph of the December 2013 Poster Art series, which goes on sale on December 6th and is available at both D-Street’s in Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  This is the last of the 2013 Poster Art series and has a Limited Edition size of 2013 and a retail price of $14.95.


What are your thoughts on this one?

skating mickey minnie

Today is the first of the November and today sees plenty of new releases to tempt you for the Holiday season.  Available today in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, as well as on Disneystore.com, there are three new Holiday themed Vinylmations including a Santa Minnie ($14.95) and two twin packs, a Ornament pack and a Skating pack, with both priced at $24.95.  None of these sets have a Limited Edition size.

skating mickey minnie 7511055880040-2 7511055880039-2 7511055880039-3

Also available today in both D-Streets is the November 2013 Poster Art series which has a Limited Edition size of 2013


Which one will you pick up?


Today is a big new release day with the Afternoon Series #2 Darkwing Duck set which has a Limited Edition size of 1500 and a price of $29.95 and is available online through Disneystore.com and at both D-Streets.f23cedb821a611e3ab8622000ab5c723_7

Today also sees the release of the new 2013 Halloween figures, these will be available at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland as well as being available online through Disneystore.com.  They had previously sneaked out early at Walt Disney World but are now officially available.halloween stitch halloween mayorLast weekend saw the Facebook First release of the 2013 Poster Art Oswald and from today it will be available at D-Street in Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

oswald 2013

Also tonight at the Disneyland Resorts Paradise Pier there is an Official Vinylmation Trading Event.

Trading Night at the Disneyland Resort

September 20

Pacific Ballroom at Disney’s Paradise Pier® Hotel

Calling all Traders! Join us for Disney Trading Night, September 20, from 5 – 8 p.m in the Pacific Ballroom at Disney’s Paradise Pier® Hotel. Meet avid and novice traders, make friends and share stories about your collections.

We kindly ask that Guests do not line up until one hour prior to the start of the event. Please park in the Downtown Disney® District parking area or the Mickey and Friends parking structure. Visit.disneypins.com to see the latest pin releases and future Disney Trading events.



It’s Friday the 13th and while there is plenty of excitement over in Walt Disney World for the Reflections of Evil event, today those of us away from the parks still get a new release.  Today the 13th special from the 2013 Poster Art series is available through the Disney Store’s Facebook Store, a week before they are available in the parks.  This figure was designed by Maria Clapsis and has a Limited Edition size of 2013.    This is the first time the 2013 Poster Art series has been made available online.

Note: Disney’s Facebook Store usually updates later than the actual Disney Store


Are you Lucky enough to get one?