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Below is a list of our members of staff and how to get hold of them:



The owner and founder of Vinylmation Kingdom. Follow me on Twitter: @VinylmationKing and on Facebook at


Twitter: @RogPalmerUK

RogPalmerUK is a Vinylmation collector from the UK who mainly collects Park Series, Animation, Movie based and special edition vinyls. Certainly not Cutesters or Crapsters as I call them! If you have a news tip, some photos from a recent trade event, or would like to be featured in a edition of Hits and Misses, feel free to email me, PM me through the forum or send me a tweet

Favourite Vinyls – El Raton, Liberty Minnie & La Kidada Never Grow Up


Twitter, Tumblr, & Instagram: @tadenman

Living in the NYC area, Travis has grown up loving a multitude of things, from Disney to Broadway to the fine arts… and beyond. You can find him rambling on from time to time here at Vinylmation Kingdom. He also runs the VK Custom Swaps and is the VK Press Reporter for such events like the NY Toy Fair and New York Comic Con. He is also an amateur puppeteer, avid movie goer, and carries his camera around wherever he goes.


Twitter: @JEP85

My name is Joshua and I live next to Mickey’s Florida home. I try my best to report news from the WDW Trading Events that I can attend. Besides collecting and customizing Vinylmation, I am a collector of many Disney items(WDCC, Original Movie Posters, Ear Hats and etc.), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Batman, Classic Horror, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Though I guess those last two would fall under the Disney category now.

Favorite Vinylmation: Penny Machine, Peter Pans Flight and Mickey’s Philharmagic.


I have been collecting since 2008. My first vinyl was the Holidays Around the World tin my wife bought me and now I am up to about 550 3″, 9″ and Jrs. I live close to the WDW parks, so I plan on commenting and attending various trade nights and releases, as well as my weekly column Looking Past the Vinyls. I have a passion for American history and Disney/Disney history, so my column is a perfect fit for me. I love trading Vinyls and visiting the parks and resorts, so if your in town and want to meet up, let me know!


Urban 3 Watermelon Mouse, Wall-E and Eve set, and Villains 2 Hades

Ryan Lim

Twitter: @realryanlim

Ryan is a weekly columnist at Vinylmation Kingdom. Feel free to follow his journey as a Vinylmation collector on this column. Ryan can be reached through twitter, facebook or email at

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