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360 Photo Of The Park Starz 3 Mystery Revealed

While we saw images of the Park Starz 3 Mystery figure last week, Disney have revealed a 360 photograph of the figure. Mystery Chasers Revealed for Vinylmation™ Park Starz Series 3 June 9 | By: Disney Staff With the release of Vinylmation™ Park Starz Series 3, we are excited to …


And the Park Starz 3 Mystery Figure is?

Today saw the release of Park Starz 3 at both Walt Disney World & Disneyland, as well as online. Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Eilrai Esaloo who shared this image of the mystery figure (technically it’s not a chaser as the ratios are the same as other figures in the …


Details on the PARK STARZ Series 3 Clear Ezra Variant

Today we saw previews of not only the Park Starz 3 series, but variants for the Country Bears, Mission Space Astronaut and Pig Pirate.  However we first found out about the Hitchhiking Ghost variant at last months trade event and now Disney has revealed some official details and 360 photo …