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Park Starz 3 Variant Holiday Country Bears Vinylmation Video Review

In this video, I share my thoughts on the Holiday Variant versions of the Country Bears Park Starz Vinylmation


Park Starz 3 Variants Ezra & Mission Space Astronaut Released Today

Today sees the release of two Park Starz 3 variants, Clear Ezra from the Haunted Mansion and a Mission Space Astronaut.  These figures are released at D-Street at Walt Disney...


Meet Disney Artists Behind Vinylmation Park Starz 3 at D-Street in Downtown Disney West Side on June 27, 2014

The Disney Parks Blog posted a story sharing some details of this weeks Park Starz 3 artist signing taking place in Walt Disney World. A few weeks ago, the newest...


Park Starz 3 Variants – Holiday Country Bears & Pig Pirate Out Today

Today sees the release of some Park Starz 3 Variants including the Pirates of the Caribbean Pig Pirate and the Country Bears Twin Pack featuring Trixie & Big Al from...


Hits & Misses – Park Starz 3

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look...


360 Photo Of The Park Starz 3 Mystery Revealed

While we saw images of the Park Starz 3 Mystery figure last week, Disney have revealed a 360 photograph of the figure. Mystery Chasers Revealed for Vinylmation™ Park Starz Series...


And the Park Starz 3 Mystery Figure is?

Today saw the release of Park Starz 3 at both Walt Disney World & Disneyland, as well as online. Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Eilrai Esaloo who shared this image...

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Park Starz 3 & Star Wars Palpatine Vinylmation Released Today

Today kicks off June with two big Vinylmation releases, including the Park Starz 3 blind box series.  This series will be released at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World along...


Details on a Park Starz 3 Artist Signing in Walt Disney World

Disney have announced a Park Starz 3 artist signing event that will be taking place on Friday in Walt Disney World to tie in with the last release for the...

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What Could Be The Park Starz 3 Chaser?

This past week we have found out about lots of Park Starz 3 information including full details on the whole series minus the chaser.  So I thought it would be...


Details on the PARK STARZ Series 3 Clear Ezra Variant

Today we saw previews of not only the Park Starz 3 series, but variants for the Country Bears, Mission Space Astronaut and Pig Pirate.  However we first found out about...