Mickey Mouse Cartoon Series Out Friday

Surprise, surprise. We finally get official advanced notice of a Vinylmation release from DisneyParksMerchandise.com. The past releases have been seemingly random and without official word. Many of us have resorted to staying up Thursday night just to see what Disney will release. It became as “exciting” and unexpected as bloxing itself. But this Friday, March 6th, we know what will be released at Disney Parks as well as online: Mickey Mouse Cartoon Series.

mickey mouse shortsThis 8 Vinylmation set is based on the new Mickey Mouse cartoon series. These Mickey Mouse shorts can be viewed for free on Disney.com as well as the mobile Disney application. The style of these cartoons is a bit of a departure from the typical Mickey Mouse and Friends that we are used to. Rather than soft and bubbly, Mickey and his gang are depicted as darker and slightly twisted. To me, the animation style is very similar to that of Ren and Stimpy or something you would see on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

When I first saw the cartoon series, I was very hesitant to watch. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the change. But after watching a few episodes, I found myself loving the new animation style. As an adult, I appreciated the darker look. While I do enjoy these new Mickey shorts, I’m still not sure if I want my 5 year old daughter watching this version of Mickey. I’d rather have her stick to the classics and the super bubbly Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

This has definitely been quite a crazy time for us Vinylmation collectors. Many thought this was the end and have already begun to sell off their sets. Have you called it quits or will you enjoy the excitement while it’s still here and buy this set?


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