Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Trio: Gus Ezra & Phineas

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Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Trio: Gus Ezra & Phineas

This week from the Vinylmation vault we will look at 3 of my favorite characters from one of my all time favorite attraction, the Haunted Mansion. Throughout the Vinylmation run there have been many Haunted Mansion Characters and other items produced but my favorite are the Hitchhiking Ghosts Gus, Ezra and Phineas have been featured in the Haunted Mansion Series, Mystery Bakery Series and Park Starz Series as well. So lets take a look of each of the great series that feature these great characters.

Haunted Mansion

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The set itself was a major win for me and I regret selling the set but hey that’s what eBay is for right? This set is the first time we see Gus and Phineas in their translucent blue with solid light blue to make out the face and body of these two guys. These two also made their way into Variant history as Glow-in-the-dark as characters as well and I must say the look awesome while they are glowing in the dark. The one thing I was surprised about this set was the absence of Ezra but inclusion of the Hatbox Ghost instead to the mix. I love the hatbox Ghost but still wonder why all three were not included. However, in later series one the three Hitchhiking Ghost will have the same fate in omission.


Park Starz

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Park Starz Series 2 saw the introduction of Gus and a Gus variant; sadly the variant was not a glow in the dark but a ghostly translucent blue like the other ghost in the Haunted Mansion Series. The ball & Chain that Gus is holding in his left hand looks rather odd as it kind of looks like Gus is about to hurl a large bowling ball at you. But other than that he just looks amazing.

Park Starz Series 3 saw the introduction of Ezra common and Ezra variant. Sharing the same colors as Gus from the previous series makes them a perfect match. One thing that stuck out to me was how his hand and how his hitchhiking thumb is truly protruding out too. I do love how each the Park Starz Series is adding character from the same show or attraction like Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World.


Mystery Bakery Series

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Finally a series that includes all three of the Hitchhiking Ghosts! When I previously reviewed this series I mentioned and still believe that this series might be the most affordable to acquire the fantastic three! Sticking with the ghostly shades of Green from previous incarnations of these hold true but then the addition if frosting randomly placed on each individual piece is really cool. And how can you not love the Purple & Ghostly Green Frosting with white Howling Ghost Sprinkles. Lastly I think on the Mystery Bakery series also captures the facial expressions really well for each of the three ghosts.


Do you have a favorite individual or group of Vinyls that have been captured on different series? Leave a comment if you like on what you characters are I would love to hear about it!


Note on green screen: Sometimes it works great and sometimes if your subject is a similar color like Park Starz Ezra comes across as a ghostly image which works perfectly in this case!