Destination Vinylmation Podcast Ep. 188 MK Ticket + Special Guest Vinylmation Kingdom’s Roger

This past week, I took part in a special recording of the Destination Vinylmation Podcast where I joined Nick & Brendt as we discuss the current state of Vinylmation following the recent move of reducing Trade Boxes, the lack of Vinylmation at GenEARation D and less involvement from the Disney Store and much more, including some Disney Infinity & Amiibo.

Official Description:
This week is part 1 of the big DV/VK crossover event! Roger from Vinylmation Kingdom joins us to discuss all things Vinylmation. We talk about the current state of the hobby, the impact of reduced trading opportunities and much more. We get into Disney Infinity playing and collecting, Nintendo Amiibo and just general fun. Enjoy, and stay tuned for news on the second half of the crossover event that will appear on the VK Webcast.

You can also find it on iTunes and on here