Today is a grand day in the “offices” of VK Enterprises. Our family of websites began several years ago with the launch of Vinylmation Kingdom.We rode the wave of Vinylmations to become the largest and most popular website for Vinylmation news. Over time, we began to find other items that excited us almost as much as Vinylmations. We launched PopVinyls.com and just like with Vinylmation Kingdom, we worked hard and became the largest website dedicate to Funko products. In fact, PopVinyls.com grew so much that it even tripled the traffic of  Vinylmation Kingdom.

Over time, Disney stopped releasing as much Vinylmation news as we would like, and we began to search for other items to cover to give our readers new content. We began to cover Disney Infinity with great success. We also added Disney related Funko items. VK started to grow even more while other similar sites either died out or plateud. I assure you, we might have suffered the same fate if we had not evolved. As we began to branch out, we understood that we were outgrowing the name Vinylmation Kingdom. We wanted to remain loyal to our VK roots but allow us to branch out to as many Walt Disney Company products that we wanted to. That is why we have created DIS Kingdom.


The launch of Dis Kingdom is the result of several months of hard work and research. DIS Kingdom will cover many Disney items that appear in the parks and collectibles found online and in stores from the country. Now what does this mean for Vinylmation Kingdom? VK isn’t going anywhere. VK will transition slowly to being a site that goes back to its roots as only as Vinylmation website. It is our hope that Disney realizes that they have made an error in how they market Vinylmations and will return it to its glory days. If that’s the case, VK will have a long successful life. For a time being VK and DIS Kingdom will cover Disney Infinity but after a few months Infinity will completely transition over to DISKingdom.com.



As for DisKingdom.com, we’ll cover Vinylmations, Disney Funko items, Disney Traditions by Jim Shore, Magic Bands, Tsum Tsum, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards, Grand Jester Studios and many more. We will listen to what the audience wants and drop some items and add others. Our main purpose at Dis Kingdom is to share what Disney items you collect. Dis Kingdom’s slogan is “Collect Disney” not because we strive to line the pockets of Bob Iger, but because that’s what we do: we collect Disney.

The first think you should notice about the new site is the vastly improved layout. Our menu shares with you many different categories: Vinylmations, items found in the parks, Infinity, other Disneyana items, Disney Funko and more. We have a breaking news bar to let you see the most important timely news first. For the visual person, the main slider, shows photos of our latest stories as well.

Below that, you have several sections devoted to: Latest news, Vinylmations, Disney Infinity, Disney Funko and our Disneyana category (basically a fancy word for everything else. :) ) I’m especially excited about these separate layout options because they give our readers more choice. If you are only concerned with Vinylmations, just go to that section. Only want to find out which Infinity character is released next? Go to that section.  Personally, I’m a fan of most everything so I’ll scroll constantly. The choice is up to you!

We hope you enjoy our new website DIS Kingdom and how it allows us to expand what we cover.  We also hope it helps you “Collect Disney.” Please let us know what you think of our site in the comments below.


Matt Norris
Owner/Publisher- DISKingdom.com, PopVinyls.com, VinylmationKingdom.com

Roger Palmer
Editor-in-Chief- DISKingdom.com, VinylmationKingdom.com

Travis Denman
Feature Editor- DISKingdom.com, PopVinyls.com, VinylmationKingdom.com