Disney Infinity 2.0 Jasmine Review


Well, today is the day that Disney Infinity fans have been waiting for since the Aladdin figure was released for 2.0 last November. Today Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine joins him in the game, just in time for Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, Disney Infinity released this fun new video.


Starting today, players can buy Jasmine as a single pack figure, or in the Aladdin Toy Box Pack, which includes the Aladdin and Jasmine figures as well as the Aladdin Texture Set (Sands of Agrabah) and Skydome (Jasmine’s Palace View). These two discs are currently exclusive to this Toy Box Pack.

Early concept drawings of Jasmine.

Early concept drawings of Jasmine.

I had the opportunity to play with Jasmine and the two customization discs this past weekend, and let me just say up front that I had a blast. One of me favorite Disney animated movies is Aladdin, and as soon as I got a hold of Aladdin last year, I wanted Jasmine to join with him. I especially was hoping to snag Jasmine prior to my Walt Disney World trip this past January, because having her would have made this picture SO much better.


First off, let’s take a look at the figure itself. It is such a great sculpt and captures Jasmine beautifully. Once more, her character representation in game matches the figure pretty flawlessly, in my opinion. Looking upon the figure development, I think they did a great job perfecting Jasmine’s look.


Jasmine in game.

Jasmine in game.

Jasmine is very powerful, especially for being a mainly melee character. Her main set of moves of combat martial arts is impressive, ending in a twister kick with her magic carpet. Her ranged attack, Whirlwind, sends out a magic carpet twister that snaps up bad guys and knocks them around, dealing decent damage. Whirlwind can also be charged up, serving up an even bigger twister that deals even more damage.

Jasmine’s special move in Windstorm… and it’s just as is sounds. Jasmine summons up a mighty windstorm that unleashes a lot of damage to anyone caught up in its’ path. Jasmine also has a her Royal Decree, a special block-breaking set of moves that is quite powerful.

Jasmine's Windstorm.

Jasmine’s Windstorm.

Jasmine’s Skill Tree mirrors that of other 2.0 melee characters, giving you options to strengthen offense and defense skills, speed, healing abilities, and recovery times.


One of the fun details about Jasmine is her “idle” action. A little birdie arrives and Jasmine interacts with it for a bit before releasing it back into the sky.

Disney Infinity [2.0]_20150202153230

With the addition of Jasmine to your collection, you unlock a few things. First up are a couple of things for My INterior. Jasmine unlocks her portrait to hang on the walls, and her townsperson costume. What’s great about the townsperson is that, when placed in the Garden Ballroom, she eventually will unlock her princess flower, which will complete the princess flowers in that room.



Then comes this awesome concept art of the Jasmine figure, showing her at one point riding the magic carpet in the figure design. I can understand why this was changed, being that the ride-able magic carpet is a power disc.


Over in the Hall of Heroes, once you unlock Jasmine’s statue, the last statue that is currently needed in the 2.0 section of the hall, a special cavern is unlocked that can be explored. Here is how you get to the cavern.

Jasmine and her statue.

Jasmine and her statue.

1. Once all 2.0 statues are unlocked, the black “IN” sign on the floor at the entrance to the hall will turn into a button. Press the button.

Disney Infinity [2.0]_20150202125832

2. Travel behind the Maleficent statue and behind the waterfall you will see that a panel has opened up. Go through waterfall and enter the entrance to the cavern.

Disney Infinity [2.0]_20150202125943 Disney Infinity [2.0]_20150202130003

3. Travel down the tunnel into the main part of the cavern, where you will find a pile of gold and Aladdin’s magic lamp. This is also the spot where rumor has it that a special gift will appear once all of the 2.0 characters are unlocked. Hurry up, Loki and Falcon!

Disney Infinity [2.0]_20150202130031 Disney Infinity [2.0]_20150202130050

Jasmine’s Palace View and Sands of Agrabah

Along with Jasmine, I was able to check out the two newest customization discs, Sands of Agrabah and Jasmine’s Palace View. It has been my plan to build an Aladdin themed toy box once these discs were released, so to actually have them here meant I actually have to man up and put some serious time into making my Toy Box. It’s coming along, so stay tuned. Until then, here is a look at both the Agrabah palace in the skydome, and what the Fantasyland Trees look with the texture disc.


The Fantasyland Terrain themed to Sands of Agrabah.

The Fantasyland Terrain themed to Sands of Agrabah.

Crazy Hakim's Discount Fertilizer!

Crazy Hakim’s Discount Fertilizer!

What else can I show you? How about some new Toy Box screen shots from the team at Disney Infinity to celebrate Jasmine’s release and Valentine’s Day

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Needless to say, I really enjoyed the addition of Jasmine to the world of Disney Infinity 2.0, and I feel like you all will, too. She’s a powerful princess and, best yet, complete one of the best duos this game has seen yet.

Starting today, players can purchase Jasmine individually for $13.99 MSRP and in the Aladdin Toy Box Pack for $29.99 MSRP nationwide here in North America, with releases soon elsewhere.

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Here is Jasmine’s Gameplay Video:

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