Kristen’s Customs…Donut Cops

Hello again everyone! Today I will be showing you a custom Vinylmation set of the donut cops from Wreck it Ralph!


I have been showing you a lot of my own customs lately and I wanted to feature a set from my daughter’s collection today. This set was made for my daughter by Amber Gonzalez. I had wanted to have a set of Vinylmations made for my daughter for her birthday this past year and I knew these would be the perfect additions to her Wreck it Ralph custom collection! Amber had made many other Wreck it Ralph customs for her and I always knew I wanted to have these 2 added to her collection. The donut cops, whose names are Wynnchel and Duncan, are 2 of my daughter’s favorite characters from the movie. We all love all the characters and the movie and this set is fun and unique! The Vinylmations that Amber had made of these really look like the real characters in the movie. The clubs and hats are sculpted and are great accessories that really complete these customs!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this pair of customs from my daughter’s collection! Amber has made various different customs for my daughter and I over the years and I can’t wait to show you more of them! If you want to see more of her work, you can see it all here on her Facebook page

I hope you enjoyed this weeks column! I look forward to showing you another custom next week!