Infinity Toy Box Thursday – Stitch Challenge

This weeks Toy Box Challenge was all about Stitch and we have 5 new developer picks for you to download.

  • Stitch-napped! by @Enrem – Stitch has been kidnapped by a mad alien scientist! But Stitch never stays captured for long!
  • Stitch Vacation by @Fdanielix – Stitch’s Vacation is crazy! Drive in an Anti-Gravity Stunt Park, Go Bowling and have Fun! Single player recommended.
  • Grand Prix of Kaua’i by @ErDadi3 – It is time for the Grand Prix of Kaua‘i. Race with your friends around the island but be aware of all the traps and obstacles. Will you be able to jump over the volcano?
  • Stitch’s Tiki Time by @Mr Monki – Stitch had a little fight with Lilo. She ran away and Nani is very worried. And you feel pretty bad too! The tikis might know where she is, go to the waterfalls first. (Stitch recommended)
  • Experiment 626 by @CCRunner524 – Help Experiment 626 find his family. This adventure has two endings. You decide Stitch’s fate. Single Player. Requires Stitch.


Here is a look at some previous toy boxes: