Disney Infinity 2.0 – Yondu, Green Goblin & Ronan Review

This past week, Disney Infinity 2.0 has seen some new Villains added to its roster in the form of the Green Goblin from Spider-Man plus from the Guardians of the Galaxy we have seen Ronan The Accuser and Yondu released.

Each of these figures can go into their respected play sets and can also be used within the Toy Box 2.0. Abe and Roger share their thoughts on the figures and characters.

green goblin packaging
Green Goblin

Roger – The Green Goblin was the one Villain, I was excited to add to my collection from the announcement because I’m a huge Spider-Man fan and the figure looks amazing. Its huge and there is some great attention to detail, while I’m not as familiar with the Ultimate version, this figure is one of my favourites, it looks evil and that’s what I want from a Villain. The Green Goblin is great fun to play in the game and offers a perfect reason to jump back into the Spider-Man playset to replay as the main villain. The Green Goblin is great for close up attacks and his bombs are also extremely powerful, plus he has a awesome jump ability that looks cool. It’s a shame his glider wasn’t available at launch and was a big disappointment, but hopefully this will be fixed soon. Overall rating – 4 out of 5.

Abe – Green Goblin has one of the coolest looking faces on a figure. Yes, he might be ugly, but the detail of the ugliness is pretty well executed. I love his posture and the look of his armor. The glider woulda looked cool on the figure too, but he still is awesome.

Green Goblin looks clunky, but he moves very well. You can almost feel the weight of his armor when he moves to throw a punch or to dodge an attack. His “stand still” animation is quick and bug like, almost like stitch. I love the smirk on his face too.

His regular attack displays his brute force. Lots of using his entire arms to throw punches. It kinda feels like Hulk a bit, but his look makes it a bit unique. His trigger attack is him throwing his Bola Bombs. This looks recycled from Jack Skellington and his Pumpkin Bombs. Anyways, the bombs are cool when leveled as he throws two together. Plus he puts his body into the throw and spins when he throws it. Pretty cool. His special ability is green electricity coming out of his hands. Looks like a “Sith” attack if you ask me. Hint of things to come? Maybe…

3.5 out of 5 (WHERES MY GLIDER?)

ronan packaging


Abe – Love the details of this figure. All the ridges on his clothing, the two long strands of his cape, his painted face, and his epic hammer. This figure stands out very well thanks to his look and weapon. Perfect paint jobs were hard to come by, but when you find a good one, he’s golden.

Ronan is very fluid with his movement and attacks. The purple glow from his hammer and the way he uses it just makes this figure cool to play with. Love how he stands with the hammer on his shoulder with his “stand still” animation. He’s kinda funny too.

Ronan makes use of his hammer very well in his attacks. His trigger attack is cool to look at and can be powerful when fully charged. His regular attack is unique because of the fact that he uses a hammer. It does make Ronan a special figure as he is one of the few to have a large weapon at all times (aside from thor). His special attack is….well not so special. He has a cloaking ability that felt kinda lazy due to the fact that a few other figures already share this special ability. An amazing special attack would have made this possibly my favorite figure. Sadly, that is not the case.

4 out of 5

Roger – Ronan is one of those characters that I didn’t have a huge connection with, I felt in the movie that he was a pretty 1 dimensional character, so wasn’t that excited to get him for Disney Infinity, but once I popped him down and started swinging around his huge hammer and knocking enemies flying, I was quickly turned. He is big and powerful, the blasts from his hammer are extremely strong, especially if they are charged up and having a super jump, means he can get around pretty quickly. Maybe not a figure I’ll use all the time but he is a great addition to the Infinity team. Rating – 3.5 Out of 5.

yondu packagin


Abe: Yondu looks pretty fierce. I love his coat and its cohesive look it has with Star-Lord’s. It is unbuttoned of course, to expose the arrow. Love the paint job on his face too. Warning, some of the figures were painted with cross-eyes so make sure he’s looking at you spot on.

Yondu jumps around much like Star-Lord, but he has his arrow that gives him a different look all together. I really with his arrow would have been animated coming out of his coat because just seeing it appear above his head looked odd. The arrow still moves around pretty well so I still like it.

Yondu is “hands on” with his combat. His regular attacks are all fists and he is quick, almost ninja like. But when he’s sick of throwing punches, his arrow comes out. His arrow attacks are cool. He has a finishing attack that makes him roll backwards and dish out three arrows. His pounce attack also leads him to unleash his arrow throwing fury. His trigger attack is all arrows, and when you level it up, it reminds me of the movie when he hits multiple enemies really fast. His special attack is cool. It looks like they recycled part of Captain America’s special attack, but only the beginning. Yondu releases a giant circle of arrows but they never come back. They do reach far distances which is pretty cool.

4.5 out of 5

Roger – Yondu is that strange choice, that rare character that doesn’t fit into the heroes category nor the villains, Abe and Me had a long conversation in our latest podcast about Yondu’s history and that might explain my lack of interest in this character. Compared to Ronan and the Green Goblin, he isn’t as powerful, but his arrow is a pretty impressive weapon that Guardians fans will love, but for me, he isn’t a top choice for future plays. Can’t put my finger on why, but I just enjoyed using the other villains more. Rating 3 out of 5.

Here are some unboxing videos of the 3 figures plus Roger shares his thoughts on the figures:

And in these gameplay videos, Abe shares his thought on the characters and takes a look at each figures abilities and Skill Tree:

What are your thoughts on Ronan, Yondu and the Green Goblin?