Lightning McQueen And Holly Re-Released For Disney Infinity In March

Earlier this week, we saw some new packaging of some of the new re-released single figures from Disney Infinity 1.0, (Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Lone Ranger and Tonto), which are being released in the UK on February 14th. These figures were originally released within a play set piece. Amazon has now put up pre-orders for the single release of Holly Shiftwell and Lightning McQueen which will follow on March 6th.

We don’t yet know of the US release date or if the packaging will be different, but here is a look at the packaging for the Cars figures. These figures were originally released within the Cars play set but are being re-released for long term plans for the game, which will allow for these characters to remain on sale, regardless of what edition is out.

These figures will work with 2.0 and the original Disney Infinity game.81AlY+BJk1L._SY500_81RlALvCSoL._SL1500_


What do you think of these re-released figures?