How Do You Choose to Collect Vinylmations?

Since there were no new exciting vinylmation releases today, I think it’s a good time to ask how do you decide which and how many vinylmations to buy? I’ll be honest, I’ve only been collecting for a year and a half. This is still considered ameteur night for many of you, but it’s still long enough to know how hard this hobby can hit your wallet. My personal collection stands at a respectable 200+ vinylmations. Again, not chump change, but definitely not as many as a lot of you can claim. Although my wife teases and calls my vinylmations “toys”, I’ve been lucky that she’s been understanding of my vinylmation obsession. But I can only imagine that not everyone shares this luck and the collection can cause problems. So that brings me to the question: How do you choose how to collect vinylmations?

Tray Vs Bloxing

When a set comes out, I typically blox unless I know I will eventually want to collect the whole set. Bloxing, for those unfamiliar, is opening up a blind box of a vinylmation. The advantage to this is that it is a cheaper alternative and you get the thrill of the chase. But it’s that thrill that can make the cost rise up. It’s like a tin of Pringles. “Once you pop, you can’t stop”.  At roughly $14 a box, it doesn’t exactly break ones bank to buy a box or two.  But the thrill and excitement can sometimes take over and before you know it, you’ve already spent $100 plus and you still haven’t caught the chaser. At a certain point, you calculate the money spent and realize that you would have saved money by just buying a tray and selling the duplicates. So….do you blox or would you rather buy a tray?

Whole Set or Just Selected Vinylmations

Not every vinylmation in a set is a home run. There are those sets that have one or two must have’s and a ton of fillers. For me, an example of this would be the recent villains set.  I wanted the Chicken Man Vinylmation and the Darla Vinylmation, but I didn’t really care for the rest. Rather than buy the whole set, I simply traded to get these two then called it quits. But according to some of the collectors that I’ve talked to, this is hard to do. Once they start a set, they HAVE to finsh it.  And to some, completion includes both the chaser and the variant(s).  Do you feel the need to purchase the entire set or would you be satisfied with just the chosen few?


I like to call Eachez the vinylmation equivalent of a lottery scratcher. You pay roughly $15 for a chance at pulling the limited 1/250 variant, but are often left with an army of commons that are worth $10 at best and are hard to trade off.  Because of this, what limit do you set for yourself when purchasing these Eachez? When the Ant-Man Eachez came out, I gave myself a personal limit of only 5 Eachez.  $70ish for a chance at a variant?  Sure, I’ll press my luck.  Fortunately I pulled the variant, but if I didn’t pull it, there was a really good chance that I would have continued to buy until I actually hit the variant. So my question with Eachez is: What is your personal limit on how many Eachez to buy before stopping? Getting a variant is awesome but owning 20 half-faced Peter Parkers is pretty frustrating.

So how do you you collect? Do you buy trays or do you enjoy bloxing? Do you buy whole sets or just the characters that you like? Do you set personal limits on how many lottery tickets, um….I mean Eachez you will buy?

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