Disney Infinity 2.0 Green Goblin, Ronan & Yondu + Toy Box Game Discs Out Now

Today is the first big new release day of 2015 with 3 brand new Marvel figures becoming available at selected stores and online. We have the Green Goblin from Ultimate Spider-Man as well as Yondu and Ronan The Accuser from the Guardians of the Galaxy. These figures can also be used within their respected play sets and also unlock a couple of extra toys within the toy box.

Also released today are the Toy Box Game Disc twin packs, these retail for $19.99 each and consist of two toy box game discs, there is the Disney Originals (Stitch’s Tropical Rescue & Brave Forest Siege) and the Marvel (Assault on Asgard & Escape from the Kyln). These additional toy box game discs can be played online and with up to 4 players and unlock many toys that can be used within the toy box.