Its Thursday and that means its time for some new Disney Infinity Toy Boxes, this weeks Toy Boxes were all inspired by Power Discs.

  • The Hero – Fdanielix – Cy-Bugs are invading planet X!  You must use your Calhoun’s Blaster to destroy them and become the new Hero!
  • Black Suit Spider-Man – Pirate Steven – Spider-Man realizes hat there is something strange about his black Spidey suit in this toy box inspired by the Alien Symbiote costume change power disc. 1 player – Spider-Man only.
  • Substitutiary Locomotion – Vasuii83 – Save England from invasion by flying to the Isle of Nabcombu and getting the Star of Astroth!  Inspired by Eglantine’s Motorcycle power Disc, No flying.
  • Stark Factory Meltdown – TheBaroness89 – Power Disc inspired Stark’s Arc Reactor.  Can you survive the Stark MK43 Combat Trainer.
  • Zeus Quest – Inf337659 – Zeus needs your help to rescue his son.  Find your way through the underworld to find him.  (Zeus Thunderbolt power disc).

There is also a bonus toy box called the Adventures Of Stitch which was created by the Toy Box Challenge Team.

And here are some videos at me playing some of last weeks Toy Boxes: