How Was 2014 For UK/European Vinylmation Collectors?

Recently I asked many collectors from Europe, how did they feel about 2014 with regards to collecting Vinylmation from their point of view.  So here is some feedback from many other UK & European collectors who collect differently to the local collectors near the theme parks.

wdw 2014 sorcererEmma I like a lot of what came out this year but really don’t like how most of them are only available in America. I mean the Disney store didn’t even get Animation 5 this time. That means if we in UK/Ireland want them not only do we have to pay high postage costs but most of the time we’ll have to pay more than cost price to get it from a US seller and just to prove what I was saying. Here’s an example from VT “just opened Baymax. $25 or trade…” Those vinyls cost 12.95. I understand some are more sought after than others but what chance have UK sellers got at collecting their favourite series if everyone charged twice the price. I know I couldn’t afford that.

AagyThis year has made me reconsider collecting Vinylmations. The lack of vinyls in store means we can’t blox. The hobby no longer gets me excited.   I purchase 1-2 vinyls I really like from America and don’t bother with the rest.  RIP bloxing in stores.  I think I will stick to growing a 9″ collection and only purchase 3″ figures I REALLY like.  The vinyls I want are always 2-4x retail because I don’t have a chance to blox and have to buy them individually instead. It sucks. This hobby is rather expensive for British collectors. I’m SO close to leaving this hobby in 2014. I know my bank balance will be healthy in 2015 if I do.

DamianThe last time I went into a Disney store in the UK( only a month ago) the employees didn’t even have a clue what I was talking about when I asked them if they sold Vinylmation.They looked at me with blank faces as if I was teaching them a new language,I then had to give them the beginners course as to what Vinyls are! I think Vinyls in the UK are what Dodos are to Australia…. EXTINCT.

JoPretty disappointed in the selection we were given on this year. We had hardley any!!!
I was glad we got Mickeys Christmas Carol, but with the few people buying we had hardly any Chasers going for trade/sale that we had to resort to buying
from the us!  Not that that is any way a bad thing as they are super helpful.  But how annoying is it,when we have hardly any & the us have every single release!  Disney please think of the UK collectors

StaceyIt’s definitely expensive as a UK collector if you want to collect most of the year’s releases. I only collect certain figures so I’ve found that for every overpriced figure on VE, there’s always great deals elsewhere that balance it back out. Overseas collectors willing to do pick-ups for cost plus postage are about as good as it gets for us!

The only problem I’ve really found this year is trading. Other UK collectors don’t have what you want because we haven’t had the releases, but overseas collects won’t trade because of postage costs. Thankfully as of now there’s only one 2015 release that I want!

CharlieI was lucky enough to get to WDW this year where I picked up a lot of releases I wanted… As unfortunately we never got them over here. I think the only set I bloxed here was sleeping beauty. There are a lot of releases out next year that I want but i will be really disappointed if we don’t get them.

As a UK, European or even just a collector away from the theme parks, how did you find 2014?