Toy Box Thursday – Brave Challenge

web_full_MeridaWinnersIts the first Thursday of 2015 and that means we have 5 new Toy Boxes for Disney Infinity 2.0 and this weeks theme is Brave.

his week’s winners took fate into their own hands and created amazing Brave Toy Boxes! Check them out for yourself by going to Community Content > Disney’s Toy Boxes > Developer Picks.

1. Merida’s Archery Challenge by MightyGitis

2. Brave: Dunbroch Highlands Festival by the baroness89

3. Bravest Adventure by Jason F

4. Season to be brave by King of the Tunas

5. Castle Quest by Gramps1005

Now let’s shift gears and get revved for this week’s Battle Race Toy Box Challenge! Take Toy Box racing to the next level with a battle race. Include vehicle weapon generators, enemies, shortcuts, and more for a super-charged race to the finish! Submit your Battle Race Toy Box to Disney by Wednesday, January 7th at Noon PST for a chance to be featured.

– Disney Infinity Team


Here are a couple of play through videos from last weeks Toy Boxes:

Which is your favourite Toy Box this week?