10847904_732265123526063_6469566695059828551_nAs we get closer to the end of 2014, I wanted to get some feedback from the Vinylmation Kingdom readers about their thoughts on the year as a whole, what they like and don’t like about collecting Vinylmation.  Here are some of their answers:

WillI’m also one of the ones that got burnt out by all of the releases. That coupled with the fact that you can’t get anything new online unless you buy right at 12:01 has turned me off of collecting. I only buy the select few I really want nowadays. I haven’t bought a set since the HM series and don’t plan to anytime soon.

JordanI’m definitely not turned off to collecting, but my goal of completing all of these sets I want is almost impossible considering they put out way too many sets and as others have said before, if you don’t go on immediately to get them, then the scalpers get them all.

EmmaLargely I like what came out but find it disappointing they’re not sold all over the world instead of just America for the most part also hugely disappointed that Lilo and Scrump didn’t come out in November as advertised!

Crystal – 2014 was the year I began collecting Vinylmation. I started when the Jungle Book series was new on the shelves. It seemed that when I began, the attitude of collectors was that the hobby was on the way out. Too many unwanted series, too much discounted product in the stores, the value was plummeting, and nothing good enough was coming out to make up for it. 9″ were a thing of the past, and had been insanely overpriced. People were taking advantage of trade boxes and turning in crap like urban redux and medieval. And then no releases. For months it seemed.

And then near the end of the year, after the imagination gala, we got hope. Christmas Carol. The Miss Mindy designer series. Monthly eachez release. No more urban! And no more trade nights. Peter Pan. Cinderella… So much to look forward to in 2015…

We had some beautiful figures this year (al in chicken suit, miss Nesbit buzz) and some duds (toy story 2 chaser). But I know since Disney is producing less junk series and focuses on artists and classic Disney, we all hope for a better 2015.

AlexGood: Trading night Vinylmation were the best part of Vinylmation and Eachez boxes this year. Bad: Lots of vinyls only in Disney Parks in USA and no DLP or other parks.

BJI’m primarily in it for Marvel and a few others, so it was very, very disappointing that Marvel 2 was only in parks

Konradi like eachez and trading in the parks. but the drudge of 2012/2013 pretty much pushed me from the hobby. I’ll pick up the occasional box and trade in the park.

BradIt was great for a couple years but they started putting out too much and it burnt itself out for me. I still like to look at them but never buy them.

How do you think 2014 was for Vinylmation collectors?