101 Dalmatians: Who Could Be the Chaser?

Earlier this week, UK vinylmation fans were pleasantly surprised to see the 101 Dalmatians vinylmation set pop up on disney.com.  This set consists of 8 vinylmations: 7 commons and 1 chaser. With that said, its time for another round of “Who Could Be the Chaser?”


I think that the chaser in this set should be an animal other than a dog.  It would add variety and make the chaser more interesting.  Because of this, my favorite vote for the chaser is Lucy. Lucy is the goose who was on high alert when she heard the “gossip” of the puppies being stolen.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.26.57 AM




I couldn’t chose Lucy as a Chaser candidate without including her onscreen partner, Towser.  Towser is the Bloodhound dog that translates the “gossip” to Lucy.  Although not seen much in this film, if the chaser was to be another dog, I would love it if this Bloodhound was chosen.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.40.19 AM



Sergeant Tibbs

Because why not have the chaser be a cat in a dog vinylmation set?  Sergeant Tibbs was the heroic and obedient  cat that helped save the dalmatians.




Who do you think will be the chaser?

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