The Magic of Christmas Remembered Through a Special Vinylmation

The magic of a single vinylmation can conjure up some of the most wonderful memories from a special time at the parks, especially one of the most magical times of the year at Disney. Christmas! And the “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Toy Soldier is one of those very special Vinylmations!

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From the Vault way in the North Pole comes one of my favorite Vinyls of all time the “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Toy Soldier”. He was released in 2010 and is from the Commemorative & Events: Holiday Series.

Having been to Disney World quite a bit in the last 10 years or so, it was not until 2011 when I experienced the wonderful magic of Disney World at Christmas. With a fresh memory of how Disney did Halloween in my head I had great expectations of how they were going to do Christmas.

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Upon entering Main Street I was greeted by these beautiful “Toy Soldiers” in Town Square area that up till recently hosted the delightful Halloween Scarecrows. The Toy Soldiers looked amazing and looking down the Main Street I see the most beautiful street decorations hanging from one side of the street to the other. But nothing could prepare me for the most beautiful decoration of all, Cinderella’s Castle. It’s a moment in life like this that you take a mental picture and store it forever in your Happy Moments in life. The Castle looked gorgeous. The beautiful lights shimmered like dancing icicles all around the castle. If I close my eyes I can recall that mental snapshot in my head.

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The Christmas Music playing all around the park was beautiful. Disney does a wonderful job in using themed music to really capture your heart and the made the Christmas mood feel very special. On a side note each of the parks had their own special Christmas feel. With Epcot and the World Showcase countries hosting storytellers of how Christmas was in their country was a pure Delight. Though toned down a bit but not less important was the area once called Camp Minnie Mickey hosted to most beautifully decorated Christmas Trees at Animal Kingdom. Finally how can you forget the wonderful Osborne Christmas lights at Disney Hollywood Studios? Amazing just amazing. There is a Vinylmation that represents the Osborne lights festival and perhaps next Christmas we can talk about it then.

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Okay where was I? Oh yes, the Magic of Magic Kingdom at Christmas. When Disney decorates for the holidays they go all out and they do every practically perfect in every way. With Main Street hosting the Toy Soldiers and a beautifully large Christmas Tree to the streets all a glow (sorry had to steal that verse) and the majestic twinkling icicle lights that can just about turn any adult to a 5 year old kid that loves and believes in the magical Santa Claus with the hope that they were good enough to get that special something they have been wanting all year long. That’s the feeling one can get when spending the Christmas at a Disney Park.

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And what would a holiday, especially at Disney, be without a Very special Christmas Parade? Now at this point if you have still held your adult self in check the parade will surely transform the most reserve adult back to their childhood self when Christmas was special and magical! The floats are impeccably themed with Christmas Spirit at every turn. With Mickey and Minnie leading the way, a happy, an enthusiastic Donald and Daisy to follow and Chip and Dale playfully dancing around enjoying the fresh snow all around them. Progressing along in the parade we see Snow White and Prince Charming, Belle and the Beast, the Gingerbread men dancing about, which I would love to see in a vinylmation form.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.57.49 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.56.49 PM

We get to see a few classic characters like Horace Horse-Collar and Clarabelle the cow. But the moment has arrive for my favorite part of the Christmas Parade, sorry Santa but the highlight of the Parade and in my top five magical Christmas moments for me is the Marching Toy Soldiers! With Trumpets, Drums for which you will find yourself toe tapping to the beat and a wonderfully choreographed March is what, to me, one of the best Christmas feelings I ever had and to share it with my son who was 8 at the time is a memory I will cherish forever. Of course to finish the narration of the parade we see the Dancing Reindeer and finally Santa to complete the parade!

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Its funny how just one Vinylmation can recall such wonderful memories, memories that I will cherish forever.


Merry Christmas

Christmas Note: Every year Disney enhances parades in many ways. My Story comes from 2011 and will stay special to me and my son forever.