Its Thursday and that means we have some new Toy Boxes available to download on Disney Infinity 2.0 and this weeks theme is Gravity Falls.

Here is this weeks toy boxes:

GRAVITY FALLS ADVENTURES – XSHADOW246 – Help Dipper and Mabel sneak into Uncle Stan’s secret lab to uncover a hidden theme park full of fun attractions, an insane roller coaster ride and other supernatural craziness. Enjoy :-)

GRAVITY FALLS MYSTERY TOUR RIDE – ROGPALMER – In this recreation of the Gravity Falls Mystery Tour Ride, you can race through Gravity Falls Mysteries on a golf cart. (Single player).

THE GRAVITY GAMES: MOCKING GNOME – THEBARONESS89 – A tribute to Season One of Gravity Falls.

BLENDIN’S GAME – DALTWISNEY – Go into the future of Gravity Falls and compete against other players in a round of GLOBNAR LAZERTAG. Needs 2-4 players.

THE WITCH OF THE WOODS IN GRAVITY FALLS – THEBARONESS89 – A Witch has come to wreak havoc on the Pine twins. Can you beat her three challenges? Can you have fun on the bonus Golf Cart raceway? Yes and Yes!

And this weeks bonus toy box from the community team is called SAN FRAN SHAKEDOWN, The Big Hero 6 have a new secret weapon: The Diffusinator. Train with the team and see who can paint the most of the city! Go solo or team up with a friend to hit a high score, or go head to head to see who is the biggest hero!

Here is this weeks episode of Toy Box TV:

And here are some of our own play through videos of last weeks Toy Boxes: