Hits & Misses – Gravity Falls

Welcome to Hits and Misses where members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Gravity Falls.


RogPalmerUK – I’ve only watched one episode of this show for research purposes (for all these Vinylmation and Disney Infinity items appearing this year), so I’m not really a fan, so that puts the entire series in the misses category for me but more on that later.  Even though I don’t really know the characters, I’ve still got to say, this is a lovely looking set, the figures look so bright, colourful and I like that Disney are branching out to cover new characters.  Having lots of variants adds some more excitement to people to purchase blind boxes.  I think its a very strong series and has some excellent designs.

 HayleyLove Dipper and the variant. Glad they changed not only his expression but also the hat. Makes variants like the mad hatter just look lazy.  

OscarI’ve never liked human vinyls as they rarely fit with the Vinylmation mold without looking chubby or awkward, but they all look great on it! That’s pretty much my only positive as I’ve never really watched Gravity Falls. Otherwise, won’t be buying.


RogPalmerUK –  Not knowing the characters means its a miss for me, but that’s not based on designs, I just don’t want to spend money of figures I know nothing about.

HayleyI’m really over the Mabel vinyls with the now 4 i think that are out, hopefully she doesnt turn into the next tinker bell being wayyyyyy over done.

BenjaminSo Wendy, a main character, doesn’t get a figure but the dwarf who appears in only a few episodes does?

Patrica3 Variants? One more and they could have just put out a set of 12.

AdrianMiss: working/shopping at The Disney Store, we don’t have any merchandise regarding Gravity Falls, so I’m not familiar with it. Making it not Parks exclusive would have broadened the notoriety of the series.

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