Disney Infinity 2.0 Patch Update

This week has seen a long awaited patch update to Disney Infinity, this patch is set to fix 1000’s of issues with the game and this patch is free and is an automatic update to any console connected to the internet.

Here is a full breakdown of the update:
infinity 2.o steam
Hi everybody!

The latest update patch for Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) is now available on all consoles (except Xbox 360, which is coming later this week)! There are many updates in this new patch to help your game run smoothly. The team fixed save and freezing issues and added some functionality improvements. Thanks again for your feedback on the forums, via email, and on social media! We are always trying our best to listen to you and improve the Disney Infinity experience.

Here are a few highlights from the big update:

Disney Infinity Figures

  • Upgraded Shared Ownership of Disney Infinity Figures. Now all characters can be brought into a user’s profile at their existing level and skills without resetting them, including to new profiles or new platforms.
  • Improved load in times for Disney Infinity Figures.

Re-balanced the skill abilities for characters in order to make the more useful in the game.

  • Black Widow – Increased ammo capacity
  • Nick Fury – Increased ammo capacity
  • Merida – Increased melee damage
  • Tinker Bell – Increased counter attack
  • Maleficent – Increased counter attack
  • Drax – Increased power
  • Groot – Increased melee damage

2.0 Toy Box

  • Improved Toy Box memory and stability.
  • Improved online multiplayer network play.
  • Improved Creativi-Toys including Floor Spike Trap, Boom Box, Replayer, Safety Dome, Erupting Lava Block, Target, Vehicle Summoner, and more.
  • Improved automated Toy Box creation.
  • Improved performance for Toy Box Games’ Skirmish Modes.
  • Fixed save/load issues when traveling between Interior Doors and Toy Boxes.
  • Fixed characters falling in INteriors.
  • Fixed sunken furniture in INteriors.
  • Upgraded Toy Box editing. Previously if you did not own an item already placed in a Toy Box you would not be allowed to edit. Now you will be able to make changes with items you have. If you do not own an item, you will not be able to edit that specific item.

Play Sets

  • Improved game performance in Play Sets.
  • Fixed non-progression issues in Play Sets.
  • Fixed certain Character concept art and townspeople not unlocking correctly.

Toy Box Game Discs

  • Improved stability and fixed non-progression issues in Toy Box Game Discs.


  • Fixed PS4 corrupt save error.
  • Fixed PS4 Base not being recognized issue.

– Disney Infinity Team