Its Thursday and that means we have some new toy boxes to download and this weeks theme is Big Hero 6.

Extreme Soccer – Baymax would like to show you what he has learned about soccer. Pass his soccer maze test and then see how many goals you can score in Baymax Arena. – Pirate Steven

baymax’s Test – It’s time to test Baymax’s new abilities! complete the 3 tests to ensure Baymax is in tip-top shape! – FDANIELIX

SOCCER HD- Baymax needs your assistance. Help by bringing the Soccer ball to him. ONE PLAYER ONLY- INFINIFAN1927

SAN FRANSOKYO RESCUE – Help the team of heroes known as the Big Hero 6! – MIGHTYGITIS

BAYMAX’S FLIGHT – Test Baymax’s thrusters by flying through all the rings then scan the city for the man in the Kabuki mask.- – BROCK C.

Plus a toy box from the Toy Box community team :

NEMO’S SUBMARINE DEFENSE – Defend Nemo’s Submarine from the oncoming mine field by using the Triple Cannon to destroy or deflect the mines!

Here are some of our own game play videos of some of the latest Toy Boxes: