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Its Christmas time and its gaming season, there are plenty of deals to be had at this time of the year and Disney Infinity is one of the hot items for Christmas, so here is our Christmas gift guide.

Disney Infinity 2.0: Disney Originals Toy Box Starter Starter Pack – Both the Marvel & Disney Toy Box starter packs contains the same video game and base, however the difference comes with what figures and toy box game discs are included in the pack. The Marvel starter pack also contains a extra figure and the Avengers play set. So it really depends on if the person you are buying for is either into Marvel or Disney, everything is available to buy separately, both the Disney & Marvel figures and power discs work on both starter packs. The main thing to remember, is to make sure you buy the starter pack for the correct console, for example the Wii U version won’t be much use on Christmas Day if they have a Xbox One!

INF2_Agnostic_StarterPack-LPower Discs – Power Discs are sold in blind bags and there are lots of different discs to collect, there are 2 in a bag and there are 5 different series. At just a few dollars a bag, these make the perfect bonus present to go with a Starter Pack or a excellent stocking filler. And even if they get a duplicate, they can still get bonus experience points or trade for a different power disc.

Power Disc series 2Play Sets – There are two play sets for Disney Infinity 2.0, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ultimate Spider-Man, both sets come with two figures plus a play set piece. The play set piece features a mini game with 6 to 10 hours worth of entertainment. Both figures can be used within the Toy Box as well and other characters can be used within the play sets, for example Groot and Rocket Racoon can go into the Guardians play set while Nick Fury works within the Spider-Man play set. Other selected characters can also be used within these play sets such as the Hulk and Iron Man in the Spider-Man playset and Iron-Man & Nova can go into the Guardians play set for additional content. Making play sets much more value for money, as the pack is not much more expensive than picking up two figures.

guardians of the galaxy play setFigures – With so many figures to buy for Disney Infinity, it can be a littler overwhelming, with all the original, Marvel and 1.0 figures (all the 1.0 figures work on 2.0), there is plenty to choose from, the main thing is just to get figures that you think the person will enjoy. Personal recommendations would include the Incredible Hulk, Rocket Raccoon and Donald Duck from 2.0 and Sorcerer Mickey, Anna & Elsa from Frozen from 1.0.

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Accessories – There are plenty of accessories for Disney Infinity 2.0, including carry cases and power disc holders, there are a couple of different options including capsules or albums, with some US stores having exclusive albums with a selection of power discs that could make a great present. These are also great bonus presents or stocking fillers.

green power discDo you have any Holiday Gift Ideas?