Social Saturday – 29th November 2014

social saturdayWelcome to Vinylmation Kingdom’s Social Saturday, where we share with you, interesting photos and videos from our readers social media which includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. This could be mail day photos, photos from the theme parks, new vinyls, pictures with your vinyls, vinyl related Youtube videos, funny photos and we will even throw in a few Funko and Disney Infinity things as well. Basically any interesting photo or video that we have been sent or seen that we want to share with our readers.

I posted this image on our own Instagram Account ( – Love the new #starwars trailer #vinylmation

Sue and Steve Heraly sent me this image of the bandit from the Urban series.

@vegaswxgirl #rundisney

@vinylguy87 Found the perfect turkey, decided to keep him

@hypernovasoul My Black Friday haul! Got each and every one for an amazing deal.