Disney Infinity 2.0 Crystal Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey Review

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In the last Disney Infinity figure release of 2014, Crystal Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey is a strange release that brings the last of the original 1.0 characters onto the 2.0 platform. Disney have decided that the Crystal variants aren’t returning to Disney Infinity 2.0, originally this figure was supposed to be released before 2.0 was launched, Sorcerer Mickey was delayed and the decision was made to release it for 2.0. However Crystal Sorcerer Mickey does work on the original video game as well, so if you haven’t upgraded to 2.0 yet, this will be the last figure for 1.0.

This figure is due to be released on 5th December in the United States and has been released in some European countries already. And this figure has also been given away as gifts to people attending the Toy Box Summit and D23 Rewind event in Walt Disney World.   In the US, this figure has been given some new 2.0 themed packaging whereas in Europe, the packaging is slightly different.
crystal sorcerer mickeyHere is my unboxing video along with me sharing my thoughts on the last Crystal variant.

And here is a look at Crystal Mickey in action, including a look at his abilities and skill tree.

Overall Crystal Sorcerer Mickey is a nice additional figure to add to your Disney Infinity collection, but isn’t an essential purchase as the crystal version isn’t too much different from the original figure, which I prefer. Its a shame they didn’t add any additional abilities to the Sorcerer Mickey, especially with being released during the 2.0 life cycle. Not having a special move like the new 2.0 is slightly frustrating since this figure, feels like it should have been upgraded having a similar move set to one of the new 2.0 figures. So comparing this figure to any character from 2.0, means it comes up short, however as a 1.0 character, Mickey is still a lot of fun. While the Crystal version of Sorcerer Mickey isn’t for everyone, he is a interesting figure to add to your collection.

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