Gravity Falls Vinylmation Series Out Now

gravity falls 8Today sees the release of the new Gravity Falls Vinylmation series at Walt Disney World and online through, and they will be released later on at Disneyland.   This series was designed by Thomas Scott and Casey Jones, it is a 8 piece blind box series with 7 commons and a chaser.  This series also features at least one known Waddles variant.  A blind box will cost $12.95.  Figures in this series include: Mabel Pines (Artist: Caley Hicks), Dipper Pines (Thomas Scott), Grunkle Stan (Thomas Scott), Gnome (Caley Hicks), Lil Gideon (Caley Hicks), Soos (Thomas Scott), and Waddles (Thomas Scott), plus Mystery Figure

It’s also worth noting that today is offering a further 20% off with the discount code THANKS, which does work on this new series.

Official Description: Seven known inhabitants of Gravity Falls, plus one mystery character, have gathered together in this series of Vinylmation 3” figures. You won’t know which one in this series you’ve got until you’ve opened the sealed box

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Will you be adding these to your collection?

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