Donald Duck Toy Box2-L

It’s Thursday and that means we have some new toy boxes to download for Disney Infinity 2.0, and its a little different this week as Disney have put the spotlight on five Toy Boxes that were created just for fun instead of a challenge. They all showcase infinite creativity and include something unique that we’ve never seen done before in the Toy Box.

1. Sugar Rush: TBG by SPARKS81677
2. Wonderland by DizExplorer03
3. Grootball by drawings_are_sketchy
4. Pixie Hollow Hunt by MightyGitis
5. A Frozen World by Michael M.

Check them out for yourself by going to Developer Picks section of Community Content. Hey, maybe you could even get grandma or little brother to pick up the controller and play these with you after Thanksgiving dinner. However you’re spending your Thanksgiving, we hope it’s a great one!

There were also some additional toy boxes from Disney Channel’s Captain Sparklez and Aureylian’s.  Plus two toy boxes from the Toy Box Community team, Retro Dungeon and Thanksgiving Parade.

Here are some play through videos of last weeks Toy Boxes: