Hits & Misses – Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

christmas carol trayHits

RogPalmerUK –  I am a huge fan of the Christmas Carol story, there have been many versions made over the year and I’m gonna be honest, this version wasn’t a staple of our holiday viewing (Scrooged with Bill Murray, every single year!).   This set is a interesting one for a number of reasons, first off its a set of 12, something we haven’t seen too much of in 2014 and also its a holiday release.   To release a full 12 piece set with a Christmas theme is risky.   There are lots of people that love collecting Christmas Vinylmations, the Jingle Smells look perfect on my tree but this set doesn’t have that unique selling point.  However the designs are amazing, the colours are vibrant and its a lovely looking set.  Personally I love the Scrooge chaser with Jimmy, its a amazing figure and a awesome chaser.

Crystal –  The gravediggers (weasels). I have wanted this vinyl ever since I saw it in the case at the imagination gala… i have never seen a scenery on a Disney vinyl before, and the different hues of purple made it a bit more unique as it wasn’t pure Disney bright pop colors. I watched mickeys Christmas carol *just* because of this vinyl.

Goofy as the ghost for obvious reasons. Clear platforms are always awesome.

Daisy duck, not only because the ears are beautiful and remind me of gingerbread, but the look on her face is perfect. Sweet and sexy. If a duck could be sexy.

Mickey as Bob Cratchet. Just because the ear of tiny Tim is the most clear, detailed ear i have ever seen made. Props for not just making it a background but a big part of this vinyl.

Beggar rat. An ugly character, but its still cute in its own ratty way.

Old Scrooge- two accessories? yay!

Chaser scrooge and Jiminy cricket- first blind box with a regular and a junior!!! breaking a lot of new ground on this set…. A+!!!

PatricaGravediggers – the art is good enough to look like a custom artist did this.
Scrooge x 2: Love the fact that they made him angry, cranky Scrooge and a softer, smiling Scrooge (chaser). Really helps show that change in him.

Mickey: Bob Cratchit is a simple design but they captured exactly as I remember it in the movie. Love the use of the ear on this to show Tiny Tim.
Ghosts: Jiminy is perfect as the 1″ to the bed clothed-Scrooge. Willie cramped onto the 3″ model looks just like he did trying to fit into the house. Pete’s ears are great.Goofy as Marley was a great choice on a translucent.


RogPalmerUK – For me, the majority of this series are a miss for a number of reasons, the main one is because I don’t want to collect too many holiday figures and that’s the main reason.

 Crystal – Minnie. Boring. She looks like a boring regular d-street mickey and friends release.    Ghost of Christmas present. He looks like he has a humpback, or severe osteoporosis. Drink your milk, kids.  Beggar mole. What a weird look. and the wreath… i just don’t like it.

 PatricaGhosts: Pete – his face is lost in the design.   Daisy: With the eyes looking sideways and the sideways smile, she looks mean.

MaureenI know Tiny Tim is supposed to be tiny, but I feel he deserves more than just a painted ear. A 1 inch for him would have been nice.

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