Close Up Of A New Olaf Disneyland Paris Exclusive Vinylmation

Earlier this week, Disney posted a image featuring a Olaf Vinylmation for a “Let It Snow” Trading Event taking place in Disneyland Paris in December.  At first there was some doubt over if it was an image of a figure or a pin, but now thanks to Vinylmation Exchange member Harry Tukhladzhyan, we now have a image of the figure.  Which is set to be a Disneyland Paris Exclusive.  We don’t have any more details at the moment about the edition size number or if its only a Trade Event figure or just exclusive to Disneyland Paris.  But once we have some information, we will be sharing that with you.

Here is a better look at Warm Olaf:

olaf dlp And here are those original images of the figure.IMG_0051.JPG IMG_0052.PNG