Kristen’s Customs…Singing Busts

Hello again everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading last week’s column, Kristen’s Customs…Ghost Host. Today I will be showing you a custom Vinylmation of The Haunted Mansion’s Singing Busts!




These Haunted Mansion Singing Busts were made for me by Rhett Golsan. When he sent me the picture of this project he was working on, I fell in love with the concept and knew that I wanted them in my collection! He did an amazing job sculpting them and making them look like real busts on pedestals. The faces look just like the actual singing busts in the graveyard scene in Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. Now if they were animated and sang, that would be impressive! Whenever anyone see these in my collection, they always comment on how amazing they look.

I think these are the most unique customs I have in my entire collection. Rhett does an amazing job on his customs and he really thinks outside the box when it comes to customizing Vinylmations! I have many more pieces of his in my collection that I will be showing you in the future. To see more of his work you can check out his Facebook page here:

I hope you enjoyed this weeks column! I look forward to showing you another custom next week!