Hits & Misses – Big Hero 6

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Big Hero 6

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RogPalmerUK – As with any new Vinylmation based on a new franchise, it is hard to connect instantly with characters and buy into it.  Last year we saw Monsters University and Frozen, once the movie came out, people got more interested in them.  Here in the UK, the movie isn’t out until 2015, so its a difficult choice for me to say what are hits & misses, but there are some things I like about this set.  First off, they are new characters and have a different style to them, mainly due to the introduction of a new artist which is needed, introducing new artists is the best way of keeping things fresh and this set is a breath of fresh air.

WDWRobert – When I first saw the trailer of Big Hero 6 I was impressed on how diversified Disney was in creating such a wonderful film. However, I learned quickly that Big Hero 6 is a comic book series from Marvel Comics that shares the same name. Honestly, I have yet to read any of the comics of Big Hero 6 nor have I seen the movie yet. Having said that I must say that the big hero 6 Vinylmation series looks rather impressive. On their own they almost look a little bit like Robot Series with a twist of Tron. Now that’s not a bad thing, but that was my first impression of the series. I cannot wait to get to see the movie in the upcoming weeks as well as reading the comic book series as well. After that I’ll probably have a stronger connection with this series that I have now. Disney is very good at that giving something a background story to help tie in to your interest into the product or creation that they have come up with.

Baymax Nurse & Baymax (Mech) – These two characters from the movie even if you never go an see the movie you never heard of it these two Vinylmations are just fantastic. I do like how they kept it simple with Baymax Nurse and that simplicity is probably what I liked most about it. Baymax (Mech) is just fantastic as well. He is absolutely beautifully done with a glossy red finish. Now that is one thing I do really like that is the decision to either use a Matte or Glossy finish on the automation. That subtle difference because that could make or break the Vinylmation.

Hiro (Hamada): Hiro looks absolutely fabulous. What a wonderful adaptation from the movie to the Vinylmation format. I absolutely love the facial expression of Hiro (Hamada) with a look of determination that he has it the present moment again complimenting the film.

Wasabi-No Ginger: I absolutely think that Wasabi-No is one of my top favorites from this series.. To be honest, he looks like he is from the movie “Cool Runnings”, the story about the Jamaican bobsled team. Wasabi-No looks fantastic and just like Hiro Wasabi-No his expression of determination and confidence Is amazing. I would probably say even if I never saw the movie I would probably want to collect Wasabi-No as he is just a cool Vinylmation.

Crystal – ​Only good because the movie is good. Otherwise, though the style is nice and simple, but not extraordinary. Can you imagine if they did portraits of each of the main six, like the weasels in Christmas carol? A background of those colorful bubble poppers with honey lemon and an accessory messenger back​…. Hiro with a background of those little robots he invented as he rides Baymax? idk… i just though they could’ve done more detail. i only really like nurse Baymax and its just a white vinyl with two dots and a line.

 Talia – -I like all the figures, but there are three in particular that I love.   Baymax(Armor)- While the regular Baymax functions OK as it’s own piece, his armored counterpart is the star of this set. Baymax, being a pudgy, inflatable robot, fits the mold perfectly. In his awesome armor, I can almost see the metallic sheen of the red and purple reflecting sunlight.

Fred-Man, is this a cool figure. I was originally concerned with how the artist would manage to translate Fred’s unique Monster suit to the mold, but again, it melds perfectly. The bold colors add to the striking design, and it’s an overall great addition to my collection.

Yokai-I cannot praise this figure enough. I am slightly disappointed that Yokai is the chaser(mostly because he is the figure I wanted to see most), but I understand why he is the chaser-his design is amazing. That touch of gradience in his eyes adds to his menace, and his mask is a bold contrast to his otherwise black body. I think he’ll be a sought after chaser for a while, so I hope to blox him in the near future.

Gerald – Love them all.  Only slight miss is the plain Baymax, but my son wants it to go with a vinyl record he bought, so gotta get them all.

MaureenThe entire set is visually appealing. It was a limited cast, so I feel they did choose the 8 central characters. Would have been neat to see a variant with the microbots incorporated in some way. I also wish Fred had fire, and some battle accessories would have been nice.

Brittany – After seeing the movie, I love them all. Though I think a variant of Baymax in his original blueish colored armor would have been awesome.


RogPalmerUK – At the moment, the entire set is a little bit of a miss because I don’t know the characters but that could very easily change into a must have, depending on how I connect with the characters.

 Talia – I have no misses in this set. There is no “stock” or “filler” character here that I see clogging up trade boxes in the future. Every vinyl has charm, with outstanding design choices to back them up. I have two minor nitpicks, however:

1) Regular Baymax is OK, as I said before. While not a miss, he is a little plain compared to the rest of the set. But his face is too cute not to love.
2)As others have pointed out, some accessories would have been nice. While the set works well on as is, a weapon or two would have pushed the set over the top.

As I prepare to watch Big Hero Six in the coming days, I find myself liking this set more and more. The simple designs of these Vinylmations fit the style of the film perfectly, and I hope to get my hands on this set soon.

CraigSeems they could have had an EASY variant with a Baymax with the ‘Rate Your Pain, 1-10’ logo on his chest.

 WDWRobert – The series in general actually is really good. But I think they could’ve done more on the creative side of for lack of a better phrase taking it to the next level. Just like the movie the vinylmation series will be a big hit and I hope that this won’t be the only movie but just the beginning. As vinylmation collectors we almost have become expectant of groundbreaking ideas like hair From Syndrome from the Villains series 5or the Dragon from the Medieval Series.

Fred Kaiju: Though I love the way the character looks from the movie, but the transition from movie to Vinylmation with this one just didn’t quite work out well. Its just looks too crammed together. And it looks like this almost should of done perhaps with neck extension or the larger body 3 inch mold would’ve maybe made this look little better.

Go-Go Taomgo: Now this one really isn’t a true miss and she actually looks rather nice but I think they could’ve done a better job of translating Go-Go from movie to Vinylmation format with a little bit more creativeness.

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