The Vinylmation Critic: BIG HERO 6 REVIEW!

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The Vinylmation Critic Editorial: BIG HERO 6 REVIEW!

For those of you who have been living under a rock, or haven’t been touched by Disney’s terrible marketing, Big Hero 6 came out today!

So my review is gonna be full of spoilers but here are a couple short spoiler-free sentences for those of you who want to remain unspoiled: Animation, YAY! Story, eehhh…

So let’s get talking!

Entering Spoiler zone! 

Let’s start by talking about the short that accompanied this movie, Feast.

Feast was an okay short. The story was really generic and honestly, disappointing. I expected a lot from Disney coming after Paperman, and this just wasn’t up to par with that short. Heck, not even with Get A Horse. The reason why is because it just seemed random. Like, it was someone in the break room telling a quick thought without an editor or a critic around. It didn’t feel like it was ready to be displayed to the public. It just seemed like an afterthought. I, and my friend, completely forgot about it when we left the movie. 2/5

Now, BIG HERO 6!

Wow! What a beautiful looking movie. Before watching this movie, I had dinner with my friend and we were reminiscing about Frozen. I mentioned to her that I thought that Disney is still lacking in the animation department. Their animation just isn’t as good as their storytelling. I had exhibited this problem with both Wreck it Ralph and Frozen. I even remember seeing the animation on the trailer for Illumination’s Minions and thinking that they’re better at animation. So throughout all of that, why did Disney, a small fish, jump into a tank full of sharks? Well, because of the storytelling. BUT I am happy to report that Disney is finally up there with the quality of animation. This is a BEAUTIFUL movie. The background animation is absolutely stunning, especially the skies and clouds. San Fronsokyo looked amazing, but the animation came a full circle when we finally saw what that vortex looked like. That looked pretty amazing! I also have to mention that the animation done on those microchips was also stunning. However, all that said, Disney is still lacking on the character animation. I just think that their characters look so plain and simple. There were some scenes where I thought I was watching a cut scene from a video game. That is not what a Disney movie should be compared to! So while they did perfect the background animation, they really need to work on their character animation.

So what else did I like about the movie, well, this was one of the few movies that are aimed at children that deal with the loss of a loved one. If you think about it, this isn’t a movie about a gang of superheroes trying to solve a problem, it’s a story about a young boy dealing with grief. It doesn’t just show kids that it’s completely normal for them to go through this stage in life, but also, that they have people to support them. They have people to comfort them, people to sooth their pain, and most importantly, celebrating your loved ones for who they were, instead of only grieving about them. There are however a couple of downsides to this aspect of the story. As much as I loved this, I was kinda sad because we never really got a quiet moment with Hiro and Tadashi’s friends. I really wanted one heartfelt moment, a scene where they all sat down and talked about Tadashi and how much he meant, and still means, to them. They could have added this scene right after reconciling with Baymax and Hiro. Although, the scene where they were comforting Aunt Cass was devastating.

The other problem I had with this angle of the story was that it deteriorated the movie from being about the other 4 heroes. This movie truly felt like a movie about a boy and his robot, and the more I think about it, the more I realize that the inclusion of the other characters was completely unnecessary.  We never really see them go through any character arcs, no development to their abilities, and not an explanation. We had to sit through the god awful Fall Out Boy song while we saw the characters getting their superhero gear together. We never got an explanation on what they do, pretty shocking considering the main audience is supposed to be children. We never got the chance to truly get to know the characters. Why did they even decide to continue being heroes? It didn’t make sense to me and felt really forced.  I really expected more from Disney, and the more I look back it , the more I realize that the reason why the characters were never marketed was because they are just simply not in the movie long enough. Kind of like Elsa from Frozen. So what about the characters did I like and didn’t like?

  • Honey Lemon: She is probably my favorite of the group. I really loved the creativeness of her powers. That purse was pretty cool, but why did we only get to see it’s insides once? Also, a lot of the things that she was doing seemed unrealistic to me. I felt that they needed to flesh out her powers more. And speaking of that, where was the impressive arc that I thought we were gonna get?
  • Go Go Tomago: Make way for the stereotypical tomboy girl who blows bubble gum, acts cool, and has an empowering phrase… Seriously.. “Women Up”… What were they thinking? Go Go was a stereotypical character and nothing new was really added to her character. I knew she was going to be the one character to break in the end and hug Hiro, because they need to break through the exterior of her character. Her powers seemed cool though. But yeah.. just a cutout. Nothing new.
  • Wasabi: OCD guy. That’s it. That’s all I know about his character. He didn’t really do much so, let’s just end it at that.
  • Fred: You know, I thought he would be another TJ Miller annoying character, but I kind of liked him. I mean, he did have some really annoying scenes, but the majority of his character was good. I do however think that he was the most useless of the group. They really didn’t need him in there, except for the money, I guess?

And let’s talk about the advertised story, the one involving the villain. You know, I was really looking forward to this villain. I thought that we might, get a genuinely terrifying villain, which we haven’t seen in a long time in a Disney movie. And honestly, he is visually terrifying, but nothing beyond that. The big reveal was expected and I instantly knew what and why he was doing. I mean, why else would he do it? I thought the mask was really well done, but again, he’s not really a villain. There wasn’t enough focus on him. Sadly, the movie was way too in love with Baymax and Hiro that it just ignored everyone else!  I really wanted want more out of him, and there were some really impressive scenes that I liked, like the whole car chase scene. Him Jumping over the bridge and re-connecting with the microchips was pretty darn cool to see. But at the end of the day, he just remains a one note villain that serves a very cliche and tired sub-plot. I wanted more out of him.

The climax of the movie was also surprisingly tame and lame. I got the impression that we were gonna get a fight above the clouds, and a really cool one, but instead, there wasn’t anything thrilling. I remember sitting there starting to get bored, because it was just tamed. It wasn’t exciting as much as it should have been! And the big twist in the end with the daughter being alive was just unnecessary.  It was completely pointless and stole time from the other superheroes.

I want to talk about Baymax going evil, but I also don’t want to cross that line. This was a very cliche scene that I was hoping wouldn’t be in the movie. We already had an animated movie that had a similar scene, and it was definitely stronger in that movie.

Also, let’s discuss the score by Henry Jackman a bit. Actually, I’ll just say one thing. If you liked the score of WiR, then this is essentially the same score. If I had to hear both of them, I wouldn’t be able to distinguish them. It was very generic, and didn’t add anything to the movie. Maybe my opinion of it will change once I see it again, but there wasn’t any piece that just held my attention.

Lastly, the after credits scene, while silly, is totally worth staying for. It’s one of the best that I’ve ever seen and pretty darn smart. So make sure you stick behind for that!

Ultimately, I look at this movie in two different ways:

  1. This is a movie about a boy dealing with death and grievance. And I do believe that the movie succeeded.
  2. This is a movie about a group of superheroes, because it was called Big Hero 6. And I don’t think that the movie succeeded from this aspect.

So I have to give this movie a solid 7/10. That might change in a day to an 8, because I’m still debating whether 7 is fair. But we’ll see. I do think that you have to see it in a movie theater. The animation is breathtaking and the 3D adds a bit to the movie.


So what did you think of the movie? Comment down below on any questions or just your thoughts. I am very interested in hearing them!

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