Disney Infinity 2.0 TRON Figures/Power Discs Discovered

For a while now, Disney have been teasing us with details on two more Disney figures set to be released later for Disney Infinity 2.0. Neither of these figures could be seen within the Hall of Heroes until Disney decide to do a free update to the game via the internet. This week Disney have released an update for the Free PC version and within that update, simply going into the Hall of Heroes shows the previously announced characters and power discs.

Which have show that Sam Flynn and Quorra will be to last two Disney characters for Disney Infinity 2.0.

tron legacy sam quorra

Here are some trailer videos from the PC version.

From these videos we can see that Quorra looks to have a web slinging ability and Sam is able to throw a image of a cycle at enemies.

This update is also showing that there will be two Tron Power Discs to go with it, the Tron Cycle and Light Jet.

tron legacy light cycle tron legacy light jet

So it could be that these two figures will be sold as a Toy Box pack with both Tron figures and power discs. This also explains why the Tron Cycle that was seen in the press images can’t be found within the game at the moment.

HB_3-1024x576Thanks to Infinity & Beyond member Scott Aparo for the tip off.


What do you think of these Tron figures & power discs?

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