It’s Thursday which means we have some new Toy Boxes to download on Disney Infinity 2.0. This weeks theme is Spider-Man.

You guys used your spidey senses to create AMAZING Toy Boxes for the Spider-Man Toy Box Challenge. Congrats to the five Toy Box Artists who came out on top! Your creations are now featured as Developer Picks in the Community Content section of Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition)!

Sinister 6 by Luke M.

Doctor Octopus has assembled a team of 5 other villains to defeat Spider-Man! (1 player recommended)

Invasion: ESU by Sparks81677

Symbiotes have invaded Empire State University. Find the canisters creating them and clear out the campus.

Web-swing City by alexxela2311

Oh no Spider-man is running late for Aunt May`s birthday. Swing across the city before the time is over.Web-swinger only

Symbiote Sewer by Anthony

Symbiotes are Crawling In The Sewers And Spider-Man Has To Find The Source Help Spidey Fine The Source To The Problem.

Spider Sense by EdenStarGazer

Use your Spider Sense to navigate web streets, end a crime wave, save the Policemen’s Ball & cleanout Spidey’s apartment.

For this week’s 2.0 Toy Box Challenge, we’re calling for Fantasia-themed Toy Boxes! Maybe you’ll recreate scenes from the classic animated film starring Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey or take inspiration from the just-released videogame Fantasia: Music Evolved. Whatever direction you go, be sure to get your finished Toy Box in by Wednesday, November 12th at noon PT for a shot at the Top 5.

– Disney Infinity Team