Review: Disney Infinity Originals (2.0 Edition)

Today is a day that a lot of us Disney Infinity fans have been waiting for: the release of the first wave of Disney Infinity Originals for 2.0. First up is the Toy Box Starter Pack (2.0 Edition).


 The Disney Infinity: Toy Box Starter Pack (2.0 Edition) includes the following:

  • (1) Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) video game – (Note: The Disney Infinity: Toy Box Starter Pack and Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack both include the same video game disc)
  • (1) Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) base
  • (2) Disney Originals Figures – Stitch and Merida
  • (2) Disney Originals Toy Box Game Discs – “Stitch’s Tropical Rescue” and “Brave Forest Siege”
  • (1) Web code card
  • (1) Poster

In addition to the release of the Disney Infinity: Toy Box Starter Pack (2.0 Edition), a bunch of fan favorite Disney Originals join the Disney Infinity line up. They all can be purchased a single figures in stores, including Stitch and Merida.


NOTE: Jasmine is not being released today. She will be released in February, 2015.

I was fortunate to have gotten a set of the new eight figures this past weekend so I could share my thoughts on them today. Overall, I loved playing with all of these characters inside of the Toy Box. However, just like everyone, I have my favorites and least favorites. Here they be.

HITS: Stitch, Merida, Donald Duck, Hiro, Maleficent


pTRU1-18928650enh-z6 (1)


What’s not to like about this fun blue alien? He was at the top of my list of wants in Disney Infinity. His special Demolition Roll is great for bowling over the competition. He can climb walls, shoot his famous laser guns, and scurry along pretty quickly. His special move does a lot of fun damage to surrounding enemies, although it does not have a wide radius. He was the first Disney Originals character that I played with in 2.0, and the one I have the most game play time with. His strength in game, and popularity with fans, make him a perfect choice to be one of the Starter Pack characters.


pTRU1-18936414enh-z6 (1)


The other character in the Toy Box Starter Pack, Merida packs a wallop. Her trick shot abilities with her bow are great, especially when the arrow ricochets between enemies with her ranged attack. Her defense is not the best, but her offense proves that you don’t have to be the strongest to be the most skilled.

Donald Duck Toy Box1-L

pTRU1-18936399enh-z6 (1)


From the moment I learned that Donald would be part of Disney Infinity 2.0, I was excited. Sure, he can’t fly, nor is that fast on his feet. However, he is so much fun to play with. His Simmering Anger move let’s him throw massive objects like an anvil, a tire, and a kitchen sink. Donald’s special move, Donald’s Rage, has Donald smash his way with his wooden hammer taking out enemies. His Clean Sweep move adds a broom assault to his ground attack. If you want a pretty sweet offensive character, go with Donald.




Talk about an awesome set of attacks. Hiro has use of his nanobot technology again, and is well versed in using it. Powerful even at lower levels, he gets even more powerful when you upgrade his attacks. Defense wise he is ok, not the best but not the worst. Oh, and his special combo move with Baymax is a lot of fun.


pTRU1-18936367enh-z6 (1)


The most powerful flier in Disney Originals (once unlocked), Maleficent starts out ok, but levels up to be really powerful with her spells and health regeneration abilities. Her special move which summons Diablo and his raven minions is especially productive in killing enemies.

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