Possible Gravity Falls Waddles Variant Discovered.

This coming November, Disney are set to release a brand new 8 piece blind box series based on the popular Gravity Falls cartoon. Back at the Imagination Gala event, which took place in September, we saw the figures out on display and now thanks to some Hong Kong Scrapper sellers on eBay, it looks like we might have our first look at a possible Waddles variant figure.

We would like to remind people, we don’t condone the purchase of Scrappers as these are usually items which have failed quality control and were supposed to be destroyed.

Here is a look at the variant figure currently available on eBay.

794366564_tp 794366573_tp 794366720_tpFrom the event, we saw this image of the figure, which clearly show Waddles without any clothing:

10556397_10202878494019606_4714828839552638244_nThis blind box series is due out in November and is expected to be sold at D-Street and Online.

What do you think of this possible variant?