Hulk Out Today For Disney Infinity 2.0

Today sees one of the first new releases of Disney Infinity 2.0 figures since launch with the Incredible Hulk now available as a single figure.  Hulk was previously released at launch as part of the Playstation Exclusive Marvel Super Heroes Collectors Edition last month.

hulk packagingAs with all Disney Infinity characters, the Hulk can be used within the Toy Box and he can also be used with the Avengers play set as well as being one of the crossover characters for the Ultimate Spider-Man play set to offer additional content.  hulk 2 playsetsThe Hulk also unlocks some additional toy box toys including the Hulk Townsperson and Hulk Portrait.

Here is a close up look at the packaging/figure:

Will you be adding the Hulk to your collection?


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