Infinity – Toy Box Thursday – Guardians Of The Galaxy

Its Thursday which means we have some new developer picked toy boxes available to download for free on Disney Infinity 2.0. This weeks theme is the Guardian of the Galaxy and many of the toy box artists are being featured for the first time.

Here are this weeks Developers Picks:

1. 6th Guardian by DisneyDugsx4

Try out to be on the Universe’s biggest team of Outlaws…er… heroes. One big heist to save the Galaxy! NO FLYING

2. Knowhere Race by Sodor156

Race around The Rip, battle enemies in Challenge Mode, and visit the Knowhere Museum.

3. Star-Lord’s Heist by soratheconqueror

What was Star-Lord doing before GoG? Collect the keys and open the hidden vault in this exploration map! Requires Star-Lord to play.

4. Find Cosmo by Jordan S.

Use the miniMilano to navigate the galaxy and save Cosmo the spacedog from Ronan’s army.

5. groot maze by Billy S.

I am Groot. Groot just said he needed help. Can you solve the short maze and help potted Groot get back to the Guardians?

Here are some of last weeks Toy Boxes in action:

And here are some details on a new Spider-Man challenge:

Spider-Man is ready for a new adventure filled with web-slinging, crime-fighting, and action-packed fun! Send him on a mission of your design in the Toy Box and then submit your creation by Wednesday, October 28th at Noon PT for a chance to be featured.