Kristen’s Customs…Figment!

Hello again everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading last week’s column, Kristen’s Customs…Do You Want to Build a Snowman. Today I will be showing you my first 9” custom Vinylmation! This is a favorite of mine since it is one of my favorite Disney characters!


This 9” custom is Figment by Vinylmation Customations by Heather. I have loved Figment ever since my first trip to Epcot Center in 1985! He was always one of my favorite Disney characters! When I saw the 9” Figment that she had created on her website, I knew I had to have it! It is such a simple custom and that is what makes it perfect! He is the centerpiece to my Epcot collection!

This was my first 9” custom and my first custom from Heather. I have more of Heather’s work in my collection and I will be showing you more of them in the future. To see more of her custom Vinylmations check out her various pages and store here:

Web Store

I hope you enjoyed this week’s spotlight from my collection!