With the month of Halloween upon us, and the special day rapidly approaching, I have decided to take a detour into the nostalgic and put together a pair of Toy Box Game discs centered around Hocus Pocus. Once again, villains will take a center stage in one game disc, and a hero in the other. I have tried to make each playable character unique, and hope you enjoy this spooky set of disc ideas.


Toy Box Game Disc – Ye Olde Salem:

Disc Picture: Winnifred’s Book

Type: Scavenger/Survival



Character Figure: Winnifred Sanderson

Attack 1: Green Lightning

Attack 2: Potion Bombs

Perk: Better at finding potion ingredients and crafting the potion.



Character Figure: Mary Sanderson

Attack 1: Red Lightning

Attack 2: Frying Pan

Perk: Better at finding children that are hiding, or who have tried to run off




Character Figure: Sarah Sanderson

Attack 1: Purple Lightning

Attack 2: Sirens Voice (Lulls the enemy, and can be used as a lure)

Perk: Better at luring children away from a safer distance




Wanting to stay young forever, the Sanderson sisters must lure children away from their sleepy village and back home to their spooky cottage. This, however, is not enough. Players must also hunt down the list of supplies, and create the potion of youth as well. Some items include a bit of thine own tongue, and dead mans toes. Beware! The villagers won’ take kindly to your presence, and so you must do your best to avoid the gallows.




Olde Salem Townspeople

Guard Dogs

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Winnifred Sanderson Unlockables:

– Winnifred Sanderson Townsperson

– Winnifred’s Tome INterior item

– Witches Broom Mount

Winnifred Sanderson Unlockables:

– Mary Sanderson Townsperson

– Cauldron INterior item

– Witches Vacuum Mount

Sarah Sanderson Unlockables:

– Sarah Sanderson Townsperson

– Sarah’s Lucky Rat Tail INterior item

– Witches Mop Mount


Ye Olde Salem Disc Unlocks:


Textures: Bewitching Textures, Ye Olde Salem skydome


Toy Box Game Disc – Modern Day Salem

Disc Picture: Binx the Cat

Type: Survival/Combat




Character Figure: Max Dennison

Attack 1: Baseball Bat

Attack 2: Salt Shaker



It is Halloween night and the Sanderson Sisters are back from the dead! Make your way through modern day Salem as you try to avoid being caught by the pesky trio, until you are able to break into their home. Once inside, you will have to steal their evil book and hunker down in the nearby cemetery until dawn rises. Be careful though, Winnifred is adept at raising the dead and won’t go down without a fight!



Risen Zombies

Floating Book Illusions

The Sanderson Sisters


Max Unlockables:

– Drum Set INterior Item

– Salt Shaker Weapon

– Baseball Bat Weapon

– Binx npc

– Billy the ‘Good Zombie’

Modern Salem Disc Unlocks:


Textures: Modern Day Salem textures, Rising Dawn skydome.


That is all for this week. Please feel free to jump in with feedback on this week’s Blue Sky. Have an idea to submit, or a request? Send it to me via PM through the Facebook group :)